“We gave him wings”

I was talking last night with my close friend.  Her son is off at college, farther from home than mine, and planning to travel this summer the way he did last summer.  She and her husband wondered aloud if their boy would ever again live at home for more than a few weeks. I felt a familiar stab of pain as I listened.  I think that the same is true for us; they are grown, they are gone, they won’t be coming back.  I felt the pressure of tears collecting in my throat, and looked across the table at my friend.

She reached for her glass, lifted it with a shrug.  “We gave him wings.”

I guess we gave ours wings, too.  I guess its good that we did!  As Patty said last night, “We did a good job.”

We know that we did our job well. We know that parents are only successful when their kids can leave home feeling confident enough to go out and grab life with both hands.  We understand that our children, like Patty’s, are on their way to exactly the kind of lives that we spent so many years preparing them for.  We know that we gave them wings.

We just hope that they won’t fly too far away.

One thought on ““We gave him wings”

  1. And do you know that I actually had some sadness about that fact on Monday morning as I drove to work?! I’m with you on the last sentence. Fly now Dan, but once you settle, do it near me! xo


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