Publicize? Or not?


Taking a big old risk here.  I have a question for anyone out there who happens to have logged on (Patty, I know you are there!  Mom, you are, too! Auntie T, you are my best inspiration!)   I started this blog as therapy last September. I wrote my deepest pain and thorniest issues and every week more people seemed to be reading it. I was surprised and scared and thrilled. I mean, I’ll be honest, since the age of about 10, I thought that one day I would be a writer.  People I didn’t even KNOW were reading my words!  Yikes and yikes again!!

Then, after hitting a peak in April, my readers have fallen off sharply.  I am left with several questions, and I am asking you to answer them (please???? even if you are my friend or relation?)

1) Why do I care? Why am I reading the site stats anyway? If this is supposed to be therapy, does it matter if anyone reads it other than me?

2) Am I just plain whining at this point?  I mean, even I am confused by my mix of “where are my kids?” and “why are my kids all here all the time?”  Did I get wicked boring? (fishing…)

3) Since it is obvious that I DO, in fact, care……should I take some steps to get my blog “out there”?  Like, for example, should I turn on the “publicize” feature, which means that FB will announce each new blog? (cringe…….)

I feel embarrassed, sweaty, red faced and ridiculous when I envision my friends and relations thinking, “Oh, jeez, time to block her……”   I don’t want  people to read because they are feeling guilty (“I knew her in High School. I should just click on it….”).  But I really, really liked having those comments from people I didn’t know!  I got some from Europe!  And New Zealand!  Who WERE those people? And why did they read my little blog?

So….if you are one of the few folks left who is clicking on this blog….what do you advise?  Publicize, or just keep utilizing this wonderfully low cost therapy?  Enjoy the anonymity, or go for the public voice?     I am putting myself in your hands!  What do you say?

And I think you can log on without using your real name, if what you want to say is, “Seriously.  Stop it.”


5 thoughts on “Publicize? Or not?

  1. Everyone loses followers/readers from time to time. You can make it so that Twitter and Facebook announce each new post. I do that! And, joining in a few blog memes here and there is helpful as well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I don’t know how you can comment publicly because I am no good at figuring that stuff out! Sorry! I’ll try to look around and see what I come up with! Can’t wait to explore your blog some more!


  2. Karen, I think you have a fabulous topic (and I absolutely love the name of the blog). Part of the reason I don’t comment as much (but I do read every post) is the simple fact that I don’t have kids so it’s hard for me to relate. I think you should turn on the publicize feature and get a readership of like minds. You will be amazed how input from them will fuel ideas for more posts and create amazing (and sometimes stupid) discussions. Know that there will always be trolls, but I think you have a very rich target audience out there.

    On the boring/depressing comment, I think the blog is neither. Like I said, I read every post (and keep a separate thread in my Google Reader for this and your teaching blog!). I look forward to new posts. You write in a wonderfully compelling way. A born storyteller! Now open it up and let the world join in. Who knows, maybe there will be a movie deal in your future (ala the Julie and Julia blog )!

    Love, Auntie T


  3. I just read your entire blog start to finish, for the past 3 hours. I have laughed, smiled, cried, and really cried. You are good, my friend! You have actual real woman thoughts and feelings that you are sharing, and people are relating to them. You have a way with words that makes your reader envision what you are saying, and feel that we are really there with you. And your topics are interesting. And whether you see it or not, because you probably didn’t read your blogs from start to finish, you’ve come a long way, BABY!


  4. Karen, Keep on writing about matters close to your heart – I guarantee you are reaching people who have similar feelings but are not as gifted to articulate them as you are! You are entering into a new age, my friend. It is sad to look back, wondering how the time seemed so continuous with the young lives and then suddenly, they are off on their own. Consider that proof you did your job well! They will come back from time to time – they are not gone! This is the time you can celebrate you! I love what you have written! I am with you all the way.


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