The pressure is ON!

This morning I was given a wonderful, and totally unexpected gift.  I checked my email, as I do every morning before leaving for work, and I found a message from a fellow blogger at randomreasoning, a very well written and gentle blog that I love.  I am so excited to have readers, you know, any readers!  And this reader is a wonderful writer, so its extra special!

Well, it seems that I have been nominated for a “Versatile Blogger” award.  Wow! This award is given by bloggers to other writers whose work they enjoy and want to encourage.   I’m speechless!  And excited!  And super grateful to kewsmith at randomreasoning!

But now the pressure is on.  I’m not so good with pressure.  I do fine with some things until I start to think about them, then it all falls apart.

For example, when I was about 18 and dating my future husband, he took me bowling.  I did fairly well until Paul pointed out to me that my wrist was in the wrong position, my steps were uneven and I was gripping the ball too tight. (or something). My next ball rose about 12 feet in the air then crashed into the alley, leaving a dent the size of a….well….a bowling ball.

And then there is the “morning message” that I post outside of my classroom every day.  I try to be upbeat for the kids, so I got into the habit of sometimes posting amusing messages.  The kids didn’t react much, but a whole crew of other teachers started commenting, saying things like, “I just can’t wait to see your message every day!”   and “You have the most clever morning messages in the building!”  Jeez.   Now I’m lucky if I can manage one lame pun a week.  It’s the pressure. It has stolen my whimsy.

So now I have an actual blogging award.  I’m no longer just scribbling my crazy thoughts for my own personal therapy. Now there are READERS.  And some aren’t even related to me!   Pressure.

Then, too, there are the rules to this award.

1) I need to thank the person who nominated me.  (THANK-YOU!!)

2) I need to link her blog in mine (randomreasoning is in my blog roll, which you will see to the right. You really have to read her!  But you have to come back here later…..)

3) I need to nominate 15 of my favorite blogs for the same award, and list them here.  Gah!   I don’t even read 15 blogs.  This is all new to me.

But I will list my favorite few, and hope that I am still worthy of my own Versatile Blogger accolades.  And I’ll try to link everything.  But… that I have all this pressure, I am not sure that my technical skills will be up to the task.  So here goes.







Only five blogs…I’m sorry!

Now I am supposed to tell you seven things about me (if you are reading this, you probably know them all!)

1. I love to cook, but I wish I was a fancier and more adventurous cook.  Comfort foods are my forte!

2. I am one of six kids in a big Italian family. I am never without a great support network.

3. If I could have any superpower, it would be to fly.  I would love it! Even though I am scared to fly on actual jets.  Go figure.

4.  In my dreams, I am a great blues singer. I sound like Bonnie Raitt back in the day, or Susan Tedeschi, or even Billie Holiday.  In real life, not so much.

5. I have recurring nightmares about driving while I’m asleep. I think my 17 years of commuting 70 miles a day may be to blame.

6. I hate to exercise. Hate it.  Really loathe it. So I’m chubby, so what?

7. If I could have, I would have had 10 kids. I still miss being pregnant.

5 thoughts on “The pressure is ON!

  1. I enjoy looking forward to reading your blog. Sometimes – when i get an email notification I skip over it until I know I have time to really read and nod my head and smile or cry along with the story. What is even better is knowing the joy you get in writing. The blogs are wonderful and real and true to your heart. Merry Christmas from one Mommabear to another!


  2. LOVE your blog, I try to never miss a posting, and when I do, I play catch-up as I am today. What an honor to have been nominated, and I would nominate you over and over as your words are such a pleasure to read, and you really make your reader feel everything you are writing. Thanks for the “plug”, and I am right there with you on #6 and #7, and actually #1 and #2 too!


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