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I’m not usually much of a TV watcher.  Those so called “reality” shows just astound me (THAT’S reality? Seriously?).  I have tried, but I just can’t get past the canned laughter and snarky comments on most sitcoms.  And don’t get me started on the current crop of crime dramas.  My mom loves them, but she has a far stronger constitution than I have; I am completely creeped out by the slightly decomposed corpses in every episode.

No, I’m not a big fan of TV.

Except for my secret vice (which won’t be so secret anymore, I guess).  Ready?

I am absolutely addicted to those ghost hunting paranormal shows. The more farfetched, the better.  I love them all.  Ghosts, spirits, entities, residual haunts…I can’t get enough.

I think my fascination started after my Dad died, and I began to read about evidence of the afterlife. I stumbled onto “Ghost Hunters” and realized that I was truly looking for proof that life continues after death.  As silly as it sounds, as silly as it is, I find some comfort and reassurance in the whispered voices of the “EVP” recorders on those shows.  I choose to believe, and these shows help me to do it.

Yesterday I had three blissful hours all to myself, so I wrapped in a blanket and turned on a marathon of “Long Island Medium”.  This show follows a loud, brassy woman from New York who works as a medium.  It shows her “reading” people at official gatherings, where she charges a fee. But it also shows her suddenly approaching strangers in stores, salons and on the street.  She just marches right up to these people, whose faces are uniformly filled with skepticism and caution as she approaches. She announces, “I’m a medium, and I have a message for you.”  Then she describes the loved one who has “passed” and is standing nearby. The people begin to tear up, they all recognize the spirit, and they feel both validation and relief.

I love it because every message is the same, episode after cheesy episode, encounter after encounter.  “She says to tell you that she’s at peace, and that she is always with you.” “He wants me to tell you to stop worrying; he is at peace, he’s happy, and he watches over you all the time.”

I love both parts of that message, so much!  I love the idea that my Nana is happy and peaceful, and that my Dad is healed of all of his ills.  Even more, I love hearing that they are nearby, taking care of me and of those I love. I love the idea that one day I, too, will be able to see and hear and care for my family from “the other side”.

Last night I heard some sad and scary news about my young nephew who looked absolutely hale and hearty just a few days ago at the family Christmas party.  This morning he faces surgery for testicular cancer. How could this happen?

Last night I dreamed of Nana, gone now for almost five years.  She was laughing, and her voice was so familiar and reassuring.  She was outside of my house, in the woods near the yard, like a little Italian sprite, dancing in the starlight.  She kept saying, “I’m here!”  I haven’t had such a vivid dream of her, haven’t felt her presence, in a long, long time.  It was a strange dream, but I woke up feeling comforted.

I’ll keep my prayers flowing today for my nephew.  I will pray for a simple and straightforward surgery, and a total, complete recovery. I will pray for strength for his parents and his sister, and for comfort for all of them.

And I will send a special request to Nana and to Dad.  I know you two are out there! I know that you are watching over the family that you loved so much.  Please keep a hand on everything today.  Please take care of Russ and stay very close to his side. Please be strong and loving Spirit Guides to all of us.

We love you!

3 thoughts on “Spirit guides

    • We must be secret sisters, my dear!! Are you too embarrassed to watch your shows with anyone else in the room? Even though I am married to the most accepting and supportive man in the world, I still wait until he has turned on “the game” before I click on the SciFi channel!


      • We are secret sisters. I hate when my kids are home and they look on the DVR and it’s all ghost shows. My husband is accepting. He booked a haunted room at a hotel when we went to Salem, Mass. Still, I’ve never seen a ghost.


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