Dear new baby girl,

whose name I don’t yet know

whose Momma is a friend of someone I love so much;

dear unexpected delight,

dear sweet surprising gift,

Welcome to the world!

I haven’t met you, and don’t know if I ever will,

but I am so very, very happy that you have arrived safely in this place.

Dear tiny girl, asleep in your mother’s arms,

you are far more than you know.

Your every breath promises that life goes on;

your perfect eyelashes show us that there is a Master hand at work.

Your pink cheeked health shows us that the future is strong and bright.

While another little girl clings fiercely to that force called life,

you show us that health and strength and vitality are still present in our children.

Dear new and unspoiled soul,

your tiny feet are set upon the path that will take you forward into the unknown.

We all wish you joy and discovery and adventure and love.

Dear new baby girl,

your birth shows us the future, far more hopeful than we feared.


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