Its Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been married to my first serious boyfriend since 1978.  We’ll have dinner together tonight and drink some champagne.  There’ll probably be flowers and/or chocolate. It will be sweet.

But I miss the real Valentine’s Day.  So much.

I miss the little red cards left on breakfast plates in the morning.

I miss the stacks of folded cardboard valentines written carefully the night before and signed with care, ready to go in the backpacks.

I miss the crinkled white paper bags coming home full of cards and notes. I miss seeing the new pencil from the teacher. I miss sharing a few of those impossible to chew candy hearts with the cryptic messages.

I miss the heart shaped pizza that I’d serve for supper, followed by a heart shaped chocolate cake.

I miss the homemade cards. I miss the hugs, the “I love you, Mommy’s”, the special smiles.

Oh, I miss their voices.

I miss it all.

4 thoughts on “Hearts

    • When it was all going on around me, and I never had a second to myself, I didn’t think I would miss these little tiny details of Mommyhood, but do I ever!
      Thanks for reading and for sharing my blues!


  1. Let me remind you of some of the Valentine’s Day downers…children stressing over what the Valentine’s say and “Will so and so think I like them if I give them this one?”

    Then there’s the treats that we Moms stress over so that they’re just right, festive and tasty. Then you have to pack them so they can bring them on the bus, or you have to go to the school and drop them off. Then you’re late for work.

    I know, I’ll miss it too when I’m not doing it anymore, but for now, I was one tired Mom on Valentine’s Day from staying up late making festive brownie pops for 60, bagging them individually in festive heart bags and then dropping them off in the morning.


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