Tag! You’re it!

Tag??!!   Really?!  I have been blog tagged!

The whole idea makes me feel like my life is a fount of synchronicity.  Having had “football” and “pickle” banned this year because they were too “violent”, my fifth grade boys are now engaging in the world’s most intricate and…..well….violent games of “tag.” I deal with the finer points of tag every single day.

And now I have been “tagged” by Elyse at FiftyFourandAHalf  and I need to answer her very interesting and thought provoking questions.  Thanks for including me, Elyse!  I was very surprised to see my name on your blog! I am, as the kids would say, “stoked”.

You ready? Here I go:

1. It’s been a busy week.  You have 155 blogs to read and comment on tonight.  Do you:

  1. Read the new ones first
  2. Read the old ones first
  3. Pick out your favs
  4. Delete them all and hope you do a better job next week

I haven’t even found that many blogs yet!  I am still a baby in the world of blogging: I am just so excited to see “new post” by anyone that I follow, that I read them all in order. Lame, lame, lame.

2. Beatles or the Stones?   Beatles. Uncool as it is, I still have a crush on Paul McCartney. I mean, Jagger? Really?

3. Favorite vacation ever.  First trip to Assateague Island, July of 1998, with my three little kids. Hot, sunny, gorgeous beach, wild ponies, all of us together.   sigh……..

4.When you hit the “Like” button on a blog post, which posts does Word Press say are your ‘great posts worth seeing?  Do you agree that those are your best?    OK, back to what a novice I am!  I didn’t know that any posts would appear!  I have to check….. I know that there is one post of mine that keeps getting hits, and I don’t know why, even though it makes me happy.  I don’t know what posts are my “best”.  To me, they’re all just therapy.

5. All-time favorite commercial?  “Marshmallowed Meatballs!”   I think it was for Alka Seltzer. It was hilarious.  And I am older than dirt, obviously.

6. Favorite stupid comment about contraceptives.  Gah!!  The stupid comments by that asshole whose name I refuse to type. The one about the aspirin between the knees. I hope some “gal” hands him his nuts in a candy dish.

7. Things you’d rather do than watch college basketball.   Huh. Married to a college basketball fanatic.  For the past 34 years, March has been mine, all mine.  I usually shop.  

8. Most embarrassing experience. Jeez, where to begin?  When I was 9, I peed my pants on a ride at the World’s Fair.  When I was 39, I asked a young teacher when she was due, and she wasn’t pregnant.  Once I farted in front of 25 fifth graders. I have way too many choices on this one!!!

9. THE word you simply cannot spell correctly and why we should change to your version.  Huh.  I majored in Russian, a totally phonetic language. I can’t spell anything.   I’ll tell you a funny story, though. My youngest child was in third grade, and he just couldn’t spell at all.  I tried getting him to write things on my shopping list (a suggestion by his teacher to get him past his spelling fears.)  He wrote “beaf stoo”.   I tried to explain that “beaf” should be “beef” but he stomped his foot and demanded, “How do you spell meat?  E-a, right?  Well BEEF is a MEAT, so you have to spell them the same!!!”  How do you argue with such logic?

10.Your special punishment for the lame-ass individual who came up with “REALITY TV.” Easy!!  They have to be locked in a room and chained to a chair, watching endless repeats of the 5546 Republican debates from this election!

11. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?  At the risk of being too serious, I would change the way that the US pays for education.  I would move it to a national priority, with federal funding. I see public education as being just as essential to the success and prosperity of the nation as a nationally funded military.  We have federal mandates for curriculum, teacher training, and testing for student success. Put your money where your mandates are, US government, and start paying for public education.

Many thanks to Elyse!  Read her blog, and you will thank me!

Now, my questions for all of my fellow bloggers.

1. Favorite TV show, ever.

2. Do you ever wear high heels (I mean the really skinny, super tall ones).  If so, WHY, for God’s sake?

3. Cats or dogs?

4. Who would you have lunch with, if you could have lunch with anyone from any time in history?

5. Do you believe that life goes on after death?

6. If the sabers keep rattling, will you march and protest to oppose a war against Iran? Why, or why not?

So, rather than ‘tagging’ a few chosen bloggers, how about it we just open this up to all of you?  If everyone answers, we’ll have some fun and we’ll get to be better acquainted.  Please answer, and please add your questions, too!

6 thoughts on “Tag! You’re it!

  1. Ok, I’ll play.

    1. E/R
    2. Yes, but only if I don’t have to walk in them. 🙂
    3. Dogs, most definitely dogs
    4. Grandma Rahn
    5. Yes, in Heaven and Hell
    6. I’m slightly embarrassed to say I don’t know what this question is asking. Politics and war depress me so I don’t follow them very well.


    • I loved E/R, too. I used to dream about the characters, as if I was actually on staff or something. As for the politics; good for you!
      I find myself unable to turn away from the train wreck that is US politics. I read and listen to everything, and I am always furious at someone. Then I have to go eat ice cream just to calm down.


  2. 1. Thirtysomething (do you remember that?)
    2. No I just look at them and remember the days – ouch!
    3. Both if I thought I could get away with it.
    4.Queen Victoria – just to find out if she really had a fling with John Brown
    5. Yes
    6. Yes but I think we need to stop marching. The governments and the police are so used to this. I think we should have a sit down for 1 minute day where everyone, wherever they are sits on the pavement, floor etc – one massive gesture that the media could capture all over the world. There would be no need for crowd control and as a protest it couldn’t be hijacked by troublemakers looking for a fight. Peaceful protest making a big statement – cause everyone could do it.

    This was fun to do. I hope lots of people join in


    • Wow, I love the idea of a huge one minute sit down! I love that…..! I am just so afraid that my government is going to decide to go to war with yet another “enemy” nation. I didn’t do enough to express my outrage before the last debacle, and I am determined to make my voice heard if necessary this time.
      Thanks for “playing tag” with me!


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