I am not a particularly athletic person.

Let me clarify.  When I was 14, I was in love with baseball. I watched the Red Sox with passion, followed their statistics like it was my religion, and practiced throwing a fastball into a target for endless hours.  I tried out for my school’s softball team, where I was placed in right field. It was a “no cut” team, so they had to put me somewhere.  My two greatest accomplishments that season?  Number one: I swung hard at a pitch and managed to smash myself in the nose with my own bat.  (I know, right? How is that even possible?) Number two: I went deep for a fly ball, put up my glove, and missed so completely that the ball bounced off my head and into the woods behind me.

That is the sum of my “team sports” experience.

When I grew up, I found out that people expected me to do certain unpleasant things like “run” and “work out” in order to stay “in shape”. I tried, I really did. My husband is athletic and reasonably fit.  He enjoys that whole sweating thing.  So we tried racketball in our 20’s; I kept hitting one or the other of us in the head and face with my racket, so we stopped.  We tried jogging together, but I complained so much about the pain in my legs and feet that he stopped wanting me to go along with him.  So I took an aerobics class with some other women, and promptly got pregnant, forcing me to quit. (H’mmm, just realized that the cause and effect in that sentence makes it sound like I had more fun at the aerobics class than I did: the pregnancy was not actually started at the class!)

Anyway, we used to hike a bit, because it is a passion of Paul’s to carry a heavy pack up a steep incline and then stand on shaky legs to admire the view.  I gave all that up as soon as the kids became old enough to become his hiking buddies.

So at the age of 56, I am a slightly chubby, slightly soft matronly type woman.  I’m OK with that, for the most part!  I want to be in “shape”, its just that the shape I choose is a circle.  I eat well (mostly…..), I have a very active job where I am on my feet and walking every day.  I have no major illnesses (knocking on wood here) and take only allergy medication.  So all is good, right? No need to strap on those sneakers and hit the pavement, correct?

Well.  I think I have finally found some motivation to get myself stronger and more physically resilient.  Dammit.

First of all, I want to be one of those cool, fun Grandmothers.  The ones who take the Grandkids to the park, and sledding and to Disney.  I want to go to all their games and jump up and down in the bleachers.  Given the fact that my kids are still several years away from parenthood (some more wood knocking here), I better make sure that I am still spry when the next generation gets here.

Second of all, for the most part, when the adults keep their noses out of my classroom, I really love my job. I most definitely want to keep teaching for as long as I can physically keep up with the kids.  Ergo: I need to take more vitamins, get more sleep, and work on improving my stamina!

And last of all, I met with the administrator in charge of retirement in our school district.  I went over the figures and calculated what my pension will be if I retire at various ages.  I work in a great, very generous district, and I have been there for quite a while!  The good news? I probably won’t have to be teaching fractions in my 70’s.

But I damn well better start working out now and then, and it’s definitely time to skip the oreos and grab a grapefruit.

Motivation at last.  Dammit.

17 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. I really think we’re the same person, only from different generations! And I love it!!!! When I taught in a traditional classroom, I claimed “exercise points” in Weight Watchers for standing and walking around all day. Now that I’ve made the switch to online learning, that just ain’t happenin’. If it weren’t for my oh-so-mobile kids, I swear I would sit on my rear all day and stalk awesome bloggers 🙂


  2. Ha! I did the same thing with WW points! Once my husband talked me into wearing pedometer, and i went over 8,000 steps without changing one thing in my life!
    Enjoy those oh-so-mobile kids! One of these days, they’ll be bringing you lite beer as a hint…..!!!!


  3. To my complete joy, I find that it used to cost a lot to work. Retirement is really quite inexpensive – I have time to let things come to me instead of running out and buying them. It happens amazingly well.

    May you enjoy the final feasts of fractions!


    • Oh, I love that phrase: “The final feast of fractions”! I actually always end my fractions study with a day of pizza making; I create recipes and then make the kids double and triple the amounts! Molto bene!
      Thank you for the encouragement about retirement. I really do hate the thought at this point….


  4. You may have hit on the ultimate motivator – we DO want to be cool grandmothers (when that day comes loooong into the future) and we better start getting fit now. I have never been athletic, either, so my options to do something and not embarrass myself are limited! Good luck and let us know how it goes without the oreos. As for a grapefruit? Maybe a strawberry smoothie for me!


    • Oh, oh. I hope I don’t have to really let you know how it goes! I am internally motivated, of course, but this is Easter weekend. There is Sicilian cheesecake and whole bunch of chocolate waiting out there…..!!!!
      Enjoy that smoothie!


  5. I love that you say the shape you chose is circle. I have never had a problem with weight but, am finding that as I get comfortable in my forties, the weight looks and feels differently. I have to decide whether I want to do the extra work required now or just be comfortable with my new shape. I like exercise…it keeps my mind clear…but, it is so hard to find the energy sometimes. Good luck.


    • Thanks for the good luck wish! I am not actually totally at the circle point yet….just my aspiration, especially when I am surrounded by Easter goodies….!!! Thanks for coming by and for taking the time to comment!


  6. “I want to be in shape, it’s just that the shape I choose is a circle”–Ha! We are sisters from another mother. I’m on the same path but my motive is to not fall apart in my retirement years. Now that we are empty nesters, my hubbie and I have plans to really travel and swing from the chandeliers now that we’ve got our lives back from the “smalls,” and I want to be able to do it without falling apart. We’ll see. . .good luck on your journey. This is a fun essay!


      • I’ve got to get in better shape before I can even try! (I’m still trying to scandalize my grown kids because they used to think that the “parts” of Mom and Dad that they saw was all their was to us. That’s one of the main reasons I started writing. Now they are stunned. My favorite comment is from Baby-girl to her sister: “I don’t know what the ‘Rens’ are up to now that we’ve moved out, and I don’t want to know because my brain couldn’t handle it! LOL! Good times. (I love it when parents can scandalize their children and keep them on their toes.) Take care.


  7. Ahhh, my friend, I can so relate to this post. I have little to no motivation and even less willpower. My problem…I love food, love to cook, love to try new recipes, love to bake. I hate to exercise, find it boring and sit-ups really do make me nauseous. But in my head (and heart) I know I need to do something for so many of the same reasons….I want to keep up with my kids and my grandkids. I want to be the grandma that can sit on the floor and make a puzzle or play a game and not creak and groan when I stand up. I want to have energy and not be tired. Well, I guess I can start small…I’ll run up the stairs when I go up to bed tonight. Hey, I usually walk, so it’s gotta be better right?????


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