I need your help here……

I have never done this before. I have never turned to the blogosphere for help, but sometimes a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do.

I have put together a lovely little slide show about this school year for my class.  I have only two more half days with this fifth grade class before they leave me in the dust and move on to greener pastures. I am feeling very emotional, more than a little bit clingy, and kind of just burned out.

Once again, it seems, I am being left behind by those who I helped to launch.

This is not an unusual event: at the end of every school year, the teacher has to say goodbye to the kids who have kept her awake and alert for ten months. But this year, I have been made aware (by the children and also by their disgustingly young and hip parents and my ridiculously, laughingly young and immature colleagues) that I have literally no idea of what is in style right now.

Of course, even at my best, in the laid back “what is fashion anyway” seventys, I managed to miss every musical, artistic, fashion and food trend that came along. I seem to be allergic to pop culture.  Try as I might, I cannot seem to grasp which songs/colors/foods/books/tv shows/shoe styles/movies are popular at any given moment.

So. Here is my dilemma, and here is my question for you, my blogging friends and companions.

What song should I put in the background of my slideshow for 25 upper middle class eleven year old kids? My first thought was “Forever Young” by Joan Baez, but I played “Circle Games” by her today and they couldn’t stop laughing over her “weird” voice.


I thought of “See you in September”, or “Friends” by Bette Midler, but they both feel, well, really out of date.  I thought about “Bobby Jean” by Bruce, but I don’t think the parents of these very sheltered kids would approve.

“In My Life” by the Beatles?  Too serious.

“Summertime” from Porgy and Bess? …….Dude, seriously?

I am out of ideas.  So I have come to you.

I have about 36 hours to pull this off and put it all together.  Please, all you young, hip, up to date yet mature types out there.  What song should I put in the slideshow?

16 thoughts on “I need your help here……

  1. Having no idea what’s popular now, how about checking out whatever Billboard has for the top 10 and seeing if anything there is appropriate?
    And congratulations on another year of developing young minds. Go you!


  2. I’m 61, so extremely unlikely to be of help. Joni Mitchell’s version of Circle Game may be more pleasing to their non-Boomer ears than Baez. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons? I’ve been enjoying some of the music that accompanies Girls.
    They are a very nice-looking group. Give yourself a big pat on the back, and don’t forget the tissues.


  3. Okay. You do need some help. The Circle Game was old, even when my husband and I used it for our wedding processional 20+ years ago. My 16 year old offers “Don’t Stop Believin'”by Journey, which is still quite cool (Journey–Randy Jackson–American Idol) although the lyrics don’t quite fit with elementary school. A more age appropriate possibility is TTYLXOX by Bella Thorne, a Disney hit very popular with elementary school kids. Other danceable songs are: “Moves like Jagger” , (Maroon 5) and “Dynomite” (Taio Cruz) which are generally beloved by this age group. Also “Party Rock Anthem” (LMFAO). You’ll have to scrutinize the lyrics. Top sentimental pick for you: my 21 year old’s suggestion, “Time of your life” by Green Day. It was released in 1997, just a bit before your students were born.
    I’m trying to write popular culture posts pretty often on my blog…….it’s definitely hard for us aging hippies to stay current. Next year, make sure to watch Glee, they seem to intentionally plant current slang in there, along with hot songs and other trends.


  4. I went to a very reliable source – my 16 year old daughter and her friend. They were not too high on any of the above choices for your slideshow (though they are all great songs.) Here is their suggestion – Waving Flag by Knaan. It is joyous. good luck!


  5. What a lovely happy bunch of kids. Ok here are some suggestions from me – in no particular order:-
    When you believe (Mariah Carey)
    Walking on Sunshine (Kartina and the Waves)
    Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)
    You get what you give (New Rascals)
    The Circle of Life (The Lion King)

    Good luck. I’m sure what ever you go with will be fab!


    • You are good! When I broke down ans asked the kids, they chose “walking on Sunshine” and “wonderful world!” none of it worked out as I had planned, but that will be another post. Thanks!


    • Oh, but the word bull**** is toward the end so you have to make sure your montage ends before that (which I didn’t do in mine). Another montage song I love (and put it on my College Dream Field Trip video) is Pink’s, Perfect (it has a great message for teens). I cut it off before the rappy part that talks about a cold beer. Unfortunately, there is an r-rated version of the song called F**king Perfect which is SO frustrating. Obviously, this song would not be appropriate for your montage, but I just wanted to point out how frustrating the gratuitous swearing in music is these days . . . I still love both songs though!


  6. Momsheib: I think I’m too late for any input given your most recent response. I was going to tell you to let the kids choose. Get them involved with a contest for the best song that represents them (like you did with the play production). I bet they would surprise you. (I’m a former music teacher and I could never pick music for anybody younger than 60 even though I listen to all kinds of music (from rap to opera). Their tastes are much too fluid.) Would ove to hear how it all turned out.


    • I didn’t know that you were a music teacher! I am in awe…what grades did you have? What an accomplishment when you can impart a love of art to kids! You can tell that I had a couple of amazing music teachers in my life!
      And it turns out that I did ask the kids! It was great….except for a major computer malfunction that I will write about when I get it back from the repair shop!


  7. I taught 1st – 6th and one year had a 7th and 8th grade glass (all private school). One year I had a 5th grade class that was all boys, many of them the children of farmers whose parents thought music was a waste of time, and whose favorite passtime was eating whole peppers at lunch so that they could collectively fart in my class which was their first class after lunch. Good times! Needless to say, it was a challenge. I meet those kids now (all married with children and they all speak fondly of their time as my students (thank God!), when I thought I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. I think that is a teacher’s lot–to not see the fruit until the end of the journey.


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