“Shut that whole thing down.”


Many years ago, long before I ever envisioned an “empty nest”, I was a patient at a fertility clinic. Or, an infertility clinic. Take your pick.

I had been trying for about a year to conceive a baby.  I wanted to become a Mom. I really, really, really wanted a baby!!!!!!

I had tests. I read articles. I took vitamins. And I even entertained those crazy old wives’ tales about motherhood.  For example, I was told, “If you just relax and don’t worry, you’ll get pregnant!” Oh, and, “If you eat a lot of broccoli, you’ll get pregnant!” and “Don’t say that you want a baby, or you won’t have one.”  And then there was,  “Eat ginger, and you’ll be a Mom.”

Take cough medicine, wait until a full moon, make love when you are drunk, make love when you are sober….On and on it went, making me feel frustrated and unworthy and inept. If only I knew the magic potion, I could become a Mommy at last!


It was all, of course, pure bullshit.

Biology is biology.  The human body is designed to reproduce, and eventually it will do just that unless there is a medical reason why it can’t.  In our case, there were some medical/scientific/biological interventions that lead to my first pregnancy and to the fulfillment of my maternal dreams.

It felt like a miracle to me, but in reality, there was NOTHING that I could have done emotionally or mentally or spiritually to have made that conception possible.

Just as there is NOTHING that any woman can do emotionally or mentally or spiritually to prevent a pregnancy.

The fact that a United States Congressman believes otherwise is a testament to the backward, illiterate, hocus-pocus, fundamentalist bullshit that is controlling at least a  part of our government at this moment in our history. The fact that he is far, far from alone in his ignorance is a true reason for us to rise up and demand that we elect leaders who are literate in modern science.

Rape can cause pregnancy.  Incest can cause pregnancy.  Pure fact.

Global warming is real. Fact.

The dinosaurs lived a bit more than 5,000 years ago. Fact again.

If you are in the company of anyone who disputes any of these scientifically proven facts, it is up to you to make damn sure that they are never in a position to effect public policy.

This is really a disgusting moment in American History, don’t you agree?


12 thoughts on ““Shut that whole thing down.”

  1. I read about this and found it staggering. When are politicians going to understand that we have the right to expect that in office they meet standards that align with modern day society and that having such a public profile, voice and vote, comes with some pretty serious responsibilities. Hear, hear – I do love your posts where you flag stuff up that has toughed a nerve. As I read I can almost see you typing at top speed and talking to your computer as you shake your head. 😉


    • Haha, great image! That is just about what it looked like, for sure! The truly scary thing, for me, is that this viewpoint is not at all unusual over here at the moment. There is an entire political movement among our conservatives to roll back time and put us all back in about 1920.
      Just AWFUL.


  2. Yes it is frightening to think how many running for president in the recent past said they did not believe in evolution. I don’t understand what people are so afraid of…


    • I swear, I feel like we are back in the 1930’s! I won’t be surprised when I hear that conservatives are trying to take away women’s suffrage next. Why the desire to revisit the Dark Ages?


  3. Politicians have been behaving and speaking so badly all summer it seems. Well – longer than that – but it’s been especially disgusting and tiresome this summer. Yes – I agree with you.


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