Best. Weekend. Ever.

Don’t I sound young and hip?  Young people always post updates with a period after each word.

It makes everything so much more emphatic, you know?

Best. Weekend. Ever.

But this weekend was really, truly The. Best.

I had so much fun.

Friday night was spent with our boys, listening to music, drinking beer, having fun, watching them flirt and chat and show how much they have conquered their local world.  Very. Cool.

And Saturday was spent with my baby child, Tim; he let me take him shopping for food, shoes, school supplies.  He is pretty independent, but he let his Mamma indulge her Mammaness and we had a fun (if somewhat expensive) afternoon together.   I was in my element, throwing things into his shopping cart right and left. Peanut butter!  Echinacea! Ibuprofin! Cereal!  Garlic! A good butcher knife!

It was a lovely mishmosh of supplies and it made me feel fulfilled. Then home for a little hot tub time, and a chance to reconnect with Dad.  Lovely.

Discussing life, politics, women and beer.

Then his friends came by to pick him up and take him home.  BUT: they stayed for dinner! Oh, joy and more joy! I had three young men and one young woman to feed; nothing on God’s green earth makes me feel more needed and more secure than cooking for hungry young people.  Fresh, organic, locally raised pork on the grill. Fresh, local corn, tomatoes, salad.  A peach tart (local peaches, did you even wonder?) We talked, we laughed, we ate.  Heaven, if I ever get there, will be filled with hungry people for me to feed.

Sunday was a day of relative rest.  Just Paul and I, two big old dogs and a lot of household chores. Let me just say; there were naps.

And today, Labor Day, we went off with friends to kayak.

Oh. My. God.

We were on a gorgeous, pristine lake, floating under a perfect blue sky.  We had cold wine, cold beer, delicious salsa and crackers.  We had people we love, admire, trust and really, truly, enjoy.  We had three hours of uninterrupted fabulousness.

This is a good friend!!!!!

It is most likely the last real day of summer, and we swam in a cool, silky, clean lake with two of the world’s best friends.

I hate to gloat.  Really.  But you know what?

This was, without a doubt

The. Best. Weekend. Ever.

Life. Is. Good.

14 thoughts on “Best. Weekend. Ever.

  1. You do seem to be very young and hip! Isn’t it great to feel needed by those great big kids? My Man Child acts like I’m slapping him in the face whenever I offer to buy him so much as a box of cereal 🙂 He is Mr. Independent! Glad your weekend was great!


    • Oh, I so understand that Mr. Independent thing! But sometimes I am able to wrestle them into submission, and then I get to coddle and spoil them all I want….!
      And I am so NOT young and hip, but I thankee for the compliment!


  2. You. Are. A. Great. Mum. See there I did that cool thing you taught me! This is such a lovely post and I can feel all that nurturing just oozing out of your words. We all need these times. Great photos – thanks for sharing this. Like you I’m never happier than when I’m in the kitchen, listening to the chatter and feeding as many as I can get around my table 🙂


  3. You. Read. Mine. I read yours. Just have to say I think we’ll both like each others blogs. I blog about these four ‘kids’ I had in a clump and they left in a clump. Now my husband and I eat far too much grilled cheese and ham. I complained enough about all those meals cooking for six but how I miss it – and them.


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