Dear Candidates, (and those who “advise” them….)

I am writing this letter on behalf of every single American, in every large city, in every tiny village.  I am writing on behalf of the millions who work hard every day, and come home weary every night.  I am writing, too, for those who spend all day at home with kids, and those who are retired and attempting to enjoy their golden years.  I raise my pen in the service of those who have no jobs, those who have three jobs and those who are seeking knowledge on college campuses across this great nation.

Dear Candidates and Co.,

We are tired.  REALLY kind of exhausted. We need a little break.

Please, we beg you: Please, please hear our desperate plea.

ENOUGH already with the endless campaign ads.

We’re just trying to watch Jeopardy, for goodness sake! We don’t need to see 12 ads in a half hour.  No, I am NOT exaggerating. Twelve ads in thirty minutes.  From two candidates who are running for Senate and two running for President!!!  Two parties…twelve ads!

Twelve spots featuring scary music, black and white grainy photos of various actors trying to look worried.  Twelve breathless, amazed, horrified voices telling us that life as we know it will end, end, end, I tell you!! if he/she/they get elected.

We know, already!!!  We’re not idiots. You’ve been flooding the airwaves for months now! We know, we know!  If he gets elected, he is going to bankrupt medicaid and leave Grandma destitute! But if he wins, he is going to end Planned Parenthood and prevent needy women from getting healthcare!  We know who is going to ship our jobs overseas.  We know who wants to raise our taxes and leave our children shoeless and starving! We know who is secretly trying to turn us into (gasp) Europe.

We’ve heard it all. Over and over and over, to the point of extreme nausea. We’ve had it.

Dear Candidates and surrogates and advisors and pundits and spokespeople,

If you don’t give us a little bit of peace and quiet, and stop your bickering, sniping and mud slinging, we might all just get mad enough to do something really rash and desperate.

We might just decide to rebel and cast our votes for one of the other parties on the ballot.

Thank you for listening,

your weary and fed up constituents

16 thoughts on “Dear Candidates, (and those who “advise” them….)

    • And that has been the thinking that has lead us into this morass of two equally and perfectly balanced corporate funded parties, each of whom will do literally anything to prevent the other from gaining an inch.
      I don’t care. Its past time to open the doors beyond these two behemoths. No more “vote for the lesser of two corrupt evils.”


  1. Sadly, they won’t listen to you.
    Since you aren’t an idiot, most political advertising isn’t aimed at you.

    Does the Green Party represent the majority of your beliefs?
    Only two months to go…


  2. I’m not 100% in agreement with the Greens, but much, much more in line with them than with anyone else. Of course, the Democrats as they campaign are fantastic. It’s only when they start to govern and they suck up to the NRA, the oil industry, wall street and the like that I begin to get that sick feeling inside.


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  4. I’m reminded of something my ex-wife once said. I told her that it didn’t matter if we voted in all new people because within six months they’d be exactly like the people we kicked out. Her response was: “Yeah, but at least we’d have those six months, and that’s more than we got now.”


  5. I loved this article! Thank you for posting it. 🙂 I may not agree with you about the specific policies etc., but I absolutely agree about the advertisements! Enough! Personally, my wish would be that candidates would all just be honest, stop caring about who will or won’t give them money based on what they say and be free to say what they mean. I want to know what they really stand for, not how terrible they think the other one is. I’d rather disagree with someone over policy/issues than have them smile and nod endlessly as if they are trying to win a beauty pageant. Nobody is perfect, let’s get past all of the stuff that is reminiscent of people who are vying for high school ASB Class President. End rant.

    Again, thank you for your wonderful post!

    – S


  6. Thank you, Steph!
    If only we could have some nice, civil, logical discussions about the actual issues! And then perhaps we could respect each other enough to listen and then go vote.
    And no more TV ads! Please!!!!!! I don’t watch even the candidates I support any more; even the sound of their voices is making me cringe!


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