Voting in a time of disaster.


If you’re living anywhere within the western hemisphere, I’m going to guess that you know about Hurricane Sandy.  She’s the “unprecedented” storm that is threatening the entire eastern coast of the United States.  She’s huge, she’s monstrous, she’s pissed and she is flooding, blowing and shutting down every big city from Raleigh to Boston.

Like millions of other people, I spent today at home, watching the storm unfold.  From what I see on Facebook, I’m not the only woman who used the day to make vats of soup, loaves of bread and a couple of batches of cookies.  Hey, according to the breathless talking heads on the news, we could be without power for DAYS!  You need soup and cookies when faced with such devastation, don’t you think?

The whole experience for the past few days has been sort of exhilarating and sort of scary, in equal measure.  The meteorologists have been really, really serious about this one.  And I don’t just mean the guys on the TV news, who only get to be the stars of the show when these big storms come through.  I mean the guys who work for NOAA, and just sit in front of their computers all day.  Those guys were sounding really serious and almost a little scared as they talked about this huge monster storm churning out there in the Atlantic. They were honestly using words like “unknown”, “unprecedented”, “never seen before”.  I was kinda feeling like I was living in a made for TV disaster flick!

I got a little scared!

So, like any self-confessed chicken, I spent today endlessly watching the TV coverage of the big storm.  CNN, the Weather Channel, Boston Channels 4, 5 and 7.  I couldn’t get enough!  Somehow, from the warmth and safety of my little house, I got a thrill watching the idiots….um…the professionals standing out there on the sea walls holding onto lamp posts for dear life and describing the dangerous conditions.   It makes me feel slightly superior to know that I would never take a job that asks me to stand outside in the storm of the century telling people to stay at home where its safe, for God’s sake!

So I watched, and watched, and watched.  And I was entertained with no fewer than 145,673,450,843 political ads as I watched.

I have muscle cramps in my thumb from hitting the clicker to get away from them.

My blood pressure is no doubt up the danger zone, but there has been one positive outcome for me from all of this.

I’m ready to start talking about climate change now.  How ’bout you?  You ready to demand that the 9,000 politicians whose ads I watched today finally start addressing the fact that the seas are rising, the storms are getting bigger, the ice is melting and the temperatures are heading up every year?

Funny.  Not one of the ads today event mentioned climate change or the environment.  Neither did any of the presidential debates.  Huh.  I guess those guys aren’t ready to face the truth, are they?

But I am.

Good luck to everyone who is facing floods, power loss, wind damage and more political ads!  See you when the winds die down.

14 thoughts on “Voting in a time of disaster.

  1. Glued to the TV right there with you as I listen to the wind howl outside my house here in southeastern PA! I baked a batch of brownies to go with the ice cream that we will need to eat if/when we lose power! Got bread and peanut butter what more could I need??? Good luck all!!


  2. If I’m ever in an “unknown”, “unprecedented”, “never seen before” storm, I want it to be with you. All we have here is a pantry full of half used boxes of pasta and way too many cans of kidney beans (and I don’t tolerate beans the way I used to).

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts!


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