Mandate? Nah!

So the Democrats are all running around hugging each other and chanting “mandate, mandate, we’ve got a mandate!”  They seem to believe that those 303 electoral votes show a sharp swing in their direction on the part of the population.

The fact that the popular vote was incredibly close hasn’t been part of the discussion at all.  They just believe that they held onto the Presidency and kept control of the Senate because the American people (whom they seem to know personally) has completely changed its thinking in the last two years.

You remember what happened two years ago, right? The famous Tea Party midterm elections, when the Republicans got control of the House of Representatives, and the government came to a grinding halt?  Hard to forget that time, if you ask me!

Because that was when the Republicans started to dance around doing the group hug and chanting, “Mandate, mandate, we’ve got a mandate!”  Back then, it was conservatives who were claiming that the American people (yes, Republicans seem to know them personally, too) had spoken, and were now uniformly conservative thinkers.

American people~ Right wing, conservative, gun toting, anti-government rednecks two years ago?

American people~Left wing, pot smoking, handout craving lazy ass hippies now?

I don’t think so.

I don’t think that Obama won this election because all 300 million of us suddenly embrace the Democratic agenda.  And I don’t think that Romney lost because of a hurricane, a biased media or his own stiff necked unlikeable self.

I think that with only two parties to choose from, its starting to feel like their really isn’t any choice.  Both sides are starting to be really unpalatable.  The space between the two is grower ever more narrow, and we are like a pinball trapped between two opposing flippers.

We elect a bunch of Democrats in ’08.  Gag! We don’t like all the cronyism, the nasty rhetoric, the refusal to compromise or listen.  So we ping to the right and elect a whole bunch of Republicans in 2010.  Yuck! Things are even worse.  Now the whole bunch of them down there in DC are just yelling and screaming and thrashing around. We want some banking reform, some tax reform, some attention paid to the rising oceans.  For two years we watch them push and shove and call each other names.  We’re disgusted.

So we go to the polls again in 2012. But there are only two real choices!!

Ping! We jigged back toward the Democrats this time around.

This is what I would like to say to those in power:

Dear Republicans,  

You didn’t lose because of bias, lies, gay people or hurricanes. You lost because you’re kind of making us feel sick. 

Dear Democrats,

You didn’t win because we all love you and think the sun rises and sets on you.  You won because you made a few of us slightly less sick than the other guys did. 

I predict that unless we start to hear some new voices in our political dialogue we will simply ping back across the aisle in 2014.

I’m getting whiplash.  How about you?

7 thoughts on “Mandate? Nah!

  1. While I must say I was relieved with the outcome of this election, I’ve had similar thoughts. I had dinner with a friend last week (the one who took her daughter to Occupy Wall Street) and her comment was, “Remember what the psychologists told us when our daughters first started to want to dress themselves? Pull two dress that you like from the closet and let her choose which one she wants. She didn’t really get a choice at all.”


    • So true! And I think that is exactly what is going on. That and the way that both sides use such ugly rhetoric to keep us fighting with each other, rather than stepping back and looking at them!
      Now how to we break out of this, I wonder?


  2. I have hope for multi-partisan politics. Yes, we can! Humans are just so polarized, though. North/South, East/West, Left/Right, Black/White, Rich/Poor, Carnivore/Herbivore, Paper/Plastic, Here/To Go. Can we really fathom multiplicity regarding choice? Can we be multifaceted in thought? Can we base our beliefs upon myriad ideas? Can we vote with the multitudes in mind? It’s been US vs. THEM for many millennia now.
    What a perfect post-election post! Thanks!


    • Thanks for coming by and for your great comment! I hope that more and more people will begin to think this way, and will begin to demand a REAL political choice! We have four years to get ourselves out there and to make things change!


  3. I see it as a mandate against the Crazies. O will get Florida, so 332 electoral votes. He would have gotten many more votes in Dem NY and NJ but for Sandy. The Tea Party started out as a way for people to vent against Wall Street. It quickly got co-opted by Orwellian-named groups like Americans for Prosperity and turned that anger against the government, not the 1%. Then it became all abortion all the time. A lot of 2012 was buyer’s remorse for 2010, when people thought they were voting on fiscal issues and found they were voting on social issues.


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