Yesterday I wrote about my crabby old self, sitting at home feeling sad that my kids have all grown up.   I admitted my weakness, and my total lack of logic.  My kids are close by, they love each other, they love us, we see them all the time!  Seriously, Momshieb, grow up!!

Well, I’m here to tell you that I am actually making progress with the whole “let go and let them grow up” thing.

Don’t laugh! I’m serious!

Today I cleaned out the rest of Tim’s clothes from the bureau in what used to be his bedroom.  I put a few things up the attic, a few in the donation pile and a whole bunch in the trash.  I cleaned the drawers, swept out the cobwebs and dust bunnies and broken crayons and old coins, and I put my sweaters in there. Nice and neat.  Easy as pie.

OK, so I sobbed the whole time.  So?  What’s your point?  I did it, and I’m proud.

But that’s not even what I meant by making progress.  N’uh, uh.    What I meant is this.

I just realized that Kate is flying home from a weekend wedding in St. Louis and I have no idea what airline, what flight or what time she is arriving.

For the very first time in her many years of traveling, I am not on “flight tracker”, not holding my phone next to my ear, not obsessively monitoring Logan airport’s updates.


I’m doing it! I’m making progress!

One of these days I’ll probably even be able to gather up the footballs and basketballs that are sitting and decaying in the woods around the yard.

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