It feels like it will never end…..


It keeps coming at you, even when you think it is finally done.

Last weekend was the start of “Daylight Savings Time” and at long last, I am coming home in the daylight hours.  Spring must surely be on its way.  St. Patrick’s day is coming up fast, there are daffodils for sale in all the local groceries.

Spring must be near!  Time to think of seedlings and lawn care and bug spray.  Time to think of flip flops.

Except that it is snowing tonight.

Big, fat flakes of fluffy white poison, floating down and coating the deck once again.

Spring? You coming?!  Of course you are!  The vernal equinox is only a few days away!  Time to think of chicks and bunnies and peeps and pastel colored sweaters.  Time for renewal and rebirth and lambs and tulips and Cadbury Creme Eggs!

Except that the weather channel is predicting another snow storm on Tuesday.

I know that spring will come.  It always does, right?

But… know…, what if….I mean, it could happen, right?  What if this is the year when it never arrives? What if we are stuck for eternity in the icy slush of mid-March in New England?  What if the grass never shows up, the crocuses are locked for good beneath the layer of frozen muck?

What if the days don’t get warm, the birds don’t start to sing and the Red Sox decide to stay in Florida all summer?

It is nights like this that truly test the faith of a person like me.  My bones are cold. My toes are begging to be free.  My heart is yearning for the sound of distant thunder, my nose for the smell of warming earth.  I want to hear the peepers! I want to barbecue some sausage! I want to light a mosquito coil and rub on some SPF 50.

And its snowing.  A lot.

I think that I will go to bed, pull the big pile of fluffy blankies over my head and dream of this:SONY DSC

It has to come eventually.

Doesn’t it?!

29 thoughts on “It feels like it will never end…..

  1. I was thinking of you today when I was listening to Judy Collins sing, “I Have Learned to Love the Fallow Way.” Go listen to it RIGHT NOW and get back to me.
    It clarified for me why, after 30 years in California, I can’t wait to get to my house in New Hampshire.


  2. If it doesn’t, book your trip to Cali! It has been in the high 70s all week here. Admittedly, I am not sure if I was ready for our winter to be over… seemed like we didn’t get much winter this year. So maybe we could switch for a week – you can soak up some sun and I could enjoy throwing a snowball or two! 🙂


  3. Ugh, I am so not looking forward to the snow we’re getting next week. Some say almost 15 inches! Good lord. Course, we usually get snow late March, just in time for it to take another month to melt. I hope we see the grass again by May…


    • Oh, I know! Its worse for you up there in the Nawth, but even down here the idea of another 6 inches this week is making me cringe…..
      I have been dreaming of daffodils.


  4. We’ve both been dreaming of daffodils!

    Spring will be here soon–I know, easy for me to say with a 90 degree Saturday still technically in Winter. The weather has been exceptionally strange the past few seasons… Very unpredictable!

    Sending you some of my sunshine,


  5. I managed to get the Christmas decorations off of a pine in our front yard today because the snow was almost gone. The pine smelled deliciously spring like, but here come the clouds. I decided the new cold weather system was a great excuse for one more night of chicken pot pies (but I did buy three bunches of daffodils today and hope the snow will be gone by the time they have blossomed – Saturday).


    • Yum, chicken pot pies!
      And I have been buying a bunch of daffodils a week for quite a while now…..I pulled the curtains on yesterday’s snowstorm and just stared at them!


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