“All Things in Moderation”

My Dad knew how to have fun.

He loved life, and he loved all of life’s pleasures.  He laughed a lot, he ate well, he loved my Mother a whole lot.

And he loved a good glass of single malt Scotch.

I remember my Dad buying me a Scotch as a cousin’s wedding. I remember us sampling his array of fabulous imported Scotch gifts late, late one Christmas eve.

I remember the day that the oncologist told my Dad that his days were limited, that there were no more treatments to try.  The doctor asked him, “What will you do now?”  and Dad laughed, while the rest of us cried.

“Well,” he said, “First of all, I’ll have a shot of Laphroig.”

My Dad knew how to celebrate within reason.  His motto was “All things in moderation.” Sometimes he would add, with a twinkle in his eye, “Including moderation.”

Today would have been his 86th birthday. If I had my wish, I’d be sharing a glass of good Scotch with him tonight, looking back on a life well spent.

Instead, Paul and I shared a glass in his honor.

We miss you Dad.  We know you would want us to be laughing at happy memories of our lives with you.  We know you would want us to grieve in moderation.

We’ll try.

Salute!  A la famiglia.


22 thoughts on ““All Things in Moderation”

  1. Happy Birthday to your dad. I know nothing about anything malt (except of course, you know, malt as in chocolate). However, as a semi-retired teacher, I have come to really enjoy cooking shows, and well, I highly recommend lying in bed watching people cook . . . .

    I think you need to cook and bake and watch The Chew.. . .

    And write a really good book.


    • “The Chew”? Seriously? That is the BEST name ever! Its funny, I am working hard to cut back on my cooking and baking because since the kids have left, I keep gaining weight. I can’t get used to cooking for two!
      And I’d love to write that book some day…..
      So how does Scotch fit in with this?


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