Bye, Summer! I’ll miss you….

Sigh. It was lovely while it lasted.

Sigh. It was lovely while it lasted.

This is the last weekend of summer.

School starts on Monday, and I have the achy back and sleepless nights to prove it.

Good bye, summer of 2013!  You were just what I needed.  Thanks for everything, really!

Here are some of the things that I will miss about you, Summer.

Warmth.  Warm breezes, warm grass, warm sun on my face.

Sleep.  Nothing, anywhere, beats the feeling of rolling back over and getting another hour of sleep. 

Grilling.  Chops, chicken, shrimp, littleneck clams. The smoky flavor, the easy cleanup, the sunset views.

Silence. I live in the woods.  When no one is home here, no one is home.  Silence. 

Having time to read and write.  Reading everything in my Reader, having time to comment back to my blogging buddies, wasting an afternoon with a nice trashy novel. Writing these posts, every time a random thoughts flits through my brain. Writing for fun.

To be honest, though, Summer, there are some things that I won’t miss at all.

Heat waves. Being too damn hot to walk or cook or weed.

Weeds.  I am officially the laziest gardener on earth.  

Mosquitoes.  Also wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, spiders and flying ants.

Silence. I live in the woods.  When no one is home here, no one is home. Silence.

Too much time on my hands.  No one around all day to say, “Hey, guess what?!”  No one to show me what he painted or built.  No laughing.

Summer, you were great.  I loved you while you lasted.  But I’m ready to move on.  I’m ready for a schedule. I’m ready to have little faces smiling up at me. I’m ready for Read Aloud and birthday treats and Morning Meeting. I’m ready for bathroom jokes and the belly laughs that go with them.

So long, Summer!  Thanks for the memories.


12 thoughts on “Bye, Summer! I’ll miss you….

  1. Well said. Can I add a few things?
    Will miss:
    sitting on the deck in the evening and not needing a jacket
    the sun in the early morning and late evening
    the summer morning and evening sounds
    Won’t miss:
    Cutting the grass.
    Ants getting in the house.


    • Great additions!!! I actually enjoy cutting the grass, but I agree on those ants.

      And I will miss that extra light and the warm evenings on the deck. I’ll even miss the smell of my mosquito candles!


  2. I will miss the carefree days, even though they felt hard to come by this summer. And laughter. It does get awful quiet around here when school’s back in. Until 3 o’clock anyway. 😉


  3. Since I’m neither in school nor teaching it, I’m going to have more or less the same life. But, I will miss the absence of traffic which did let me get an extra 30 mins to sleep in in the mornings. Sigh.


  4. Keep this post handy, because in the middle of February, you’re really going to want to be reminded of the things about summer you’re not going to miss.
    I have three public and one parochial school between my house and the freeway, so I’m definitely not happy about the return of the traffic.
    I was so counting on the Dodgers to sweep the Sox and help my Yanks, but alas…


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