“…Like a Hurricane”….

Does this look like me?

Does this look like me?


Wow. This is a first for me.

I have had a hurricane named after me!

I like to think that it is because of my strength and my impressive power.

I like to think that it is because people see me as a force of nature, to be viewed with awe and reverence.  Someone to be remembered, you know?

I love the image of an older man, speaking to his young grandson as they sit rocking on the porch one spring evening twenty years from now.  I love to imagine the boy asking breathlessly, “What was it like when Karen came through here, Grampa?”  I can picture the old man shaking his head slowly, giving a low whistle. “She was something to behold,” the old gentleman would say gravely. “I’ll never forget her, that’s for sure.”

What an awe inspiring little daydream, huh?

The only problem is, this particular hurricane is kind of wimpy.  She is being described as “disorganized”, “weak”, “disintegrating.”  She’s mostly a big bag of wind.  Lotta noise, but no real threat. They say she’s “messy”.

Its as if those weather guys are spying in my window.

As if they’ve been hanging around my classroom, watching me struggle with decimal grids.


What a letdown.

On the other hand, this morning the headline on the Weather Channel read, “Karen moves toward the coast.”   Yeah. I wish!

Many thanks to my good friend, Karen Ricker, who came up with idea on Facebook this morning.  Sorry, Karen, it was too good not to steal!


11 thoughts on ““…Like a Hurricane”….

  1. Karen, enjoy your moment in the sun . . . oops, I mean rain and wind! This week I found out about a website named after me: Lynda.com — “a trusted source for knowledge”. Not bad, huh?!


  2. My brother, Bob, had a hurricane named after him in 1985. It fizzled — and the headline in his local Florida newspaper read: BOB IS A WIMP! I hope that you are a wimp, too, Karen!

    (Last year, my blogging buddy Sandy of Sandy like a Beach (http://sandylikeabeach.wordpress.com/) was delighted at first to have a storm named after her. Then it was less of an honor…


    • You know, I thought of that after I wrote the post; “I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a dangerous storm….!”
      And I had a student named Katrina the year of that storm; she was so upset, and truly felt guilty about it. Changed her name to Kat.


  3. I’ve waited my whole life to have a storm named after me! But I can’t dare say that I want it to be a doozy so I’ll just take having one named after me. Though I’m not sure I like all this “bag of wind” business. I think that’s a little personal. 😉 Great post!


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