Silence is golden


This is parent conference week.  Lots of talking.

I have been teaching ten year olds to multiply two digits by two digits.  A wicked lot of talking.

I am a mentor in our school district, and I met with my protogee today.  Talk, talk, talk.  Talk.

My math coach came in to help today.  Talk.

I drove home from school with my commuting buddy, my daughter. We are women. We are teachers. We love each other a lot.  TALK TALKY TALK TALK TALK.

Holy sweet verbal overload.

In an hour, I will leave my house to go to choir rehearsal, where I will listen to directions, work on the lyrics, catch up with all the news from my fellow altos and chat about the upcoming concert.

Ouch. My aching brain.

Right now, though, I am at home.


Unless you count two big nonverbal dogs.

I am on my couch.  Feet up, glass of wine in hand. No TV. No radio.  No husband. No kids, no friends, no colleagues, no neighbors.

Ahhhhhhhhh. Sweet relief.

60 minutes of silence.

Absolutely golden.

10 thoughts on “Silence is golden

  1. I can so relate to this. When I come home after teaching swimming, the noise volume and talking to kids, parents and teachers, still ringing in my ears, I am often met by the five remaining members of my house all talking to me at the same time. In that moment I dream of silence. Heaven when you get it.


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