Coming home, coming home


The kids are coming home tonight! My boys are coming to spend the night, and my daughter and her fiance will be here tomorrow!

I get a morning with my babies, and a dinner with everyone around.

I know its trite, I know its cliche, but you know what?

Don’t care.

I’m washing sheets and towels today, making up the beds, scrubbing the shower.

And I’m cooking.  And cooking.  And cooking!!

Brining a turkey, baking a pumpkin for pie, making some cornbread for stuffing and peeling apples for that pie. There will be squash and yams and beans and cider.  All the traditional goodies, made with love.

I don’t know why the Pilgrims had that first feast in 1621. Maybe they were relieved to have the harvest in at last, and happy that half of them had survived the first year. Maybe they were saying Thanks to old Massasoit for all the help.  I don’t know for sure.

But I suspect that the real reason for the whole three day extravaganza was the fact that one of the Pilgrim Moms was happy to see her kids coming back from their hunting trip.  She was probably just thinking, “Yay! The boys are home! Let’s eat!”


16 thoughts on “Coming home, coming home

    • Wow, that is GREAT! I am hoping that we can manage a meal with all of us together, but I am doubtful that it will fall on Christmas itself. Ah, the world of retail…..
      Enjoy the next few weeks of counting down until their arrival! The anticipation is at least half the fun!


  1. YAY! I can now fully understand how you feel. I always thought it was wonderful when all my children were safely tucked into their beds at night, but now I understand how wonderful and a blessing it also is just to have them all with you, even for 5 minutes. Enjoy your time together!


  2. Oh, I share in your joy this week! Our eldest arrived a week ago and will leave tomorrow. The four of us have been celebrating, just the four of us, all for which we are thankful. It’s wonderful (not trite or cliché), isn’t it? Smiles to your and yours!


  3. Doesn’t sound trite or cliché at all! It just sounds like a mom who is so looking forward to spending a little time with her precious children. I hope you enjoy every moment together!


    • Thank you, my dear!!! It was the. best. day. I had my boys home for 24 hours, and they were so happy and healthy and handsome and full of fun. I can’t begin to describe how complete I feel right now, knowing that home is still “home” to them!
      I wish you a deliriously happy time with yours for the holiday! And of course you totally trump me with that grandbaby! Bring on the exhaustion, I say……


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