Jumping forward in time

If I could jump forward in time, where would I go?

The Daily Prompt has a weekly writing challenge. I haven’t ever tried one before, although sometimes I think about them.  But today’s prompt has really grabbed me.

“If you could jump forward it time, where would you go?”

You see, today is one of those days that make me look back in time. Twenty eight years ago this morning, my deepest wish came true.  Twenty eight years ago, I became a mother. I remember thinking on that morning, “Now my life is complete.”

Silly, I know!  I was only twenty nine myself; I hadn’t really done anything yet! But I held my baby girl in my arms, and I felt complete.  I felt that no matter what else I ever accomplished, I would have left at least a mark on the world.

Since that innocent time, my life has gone bumping along on its average, everyday course.  I have been blessed with two more children who I love as much as the first.  And I have struggled to let each of them go as my nest has emptied out.

Since that time, I’ve started to wonder about my place in the universe. My place in the world. In my town!

I kind of wonder if there will be much of an empty spot once I move on.

You’ve read Tom Sawyer, right? You know the scene where he attends his own funeral?

Well, that’s where I would go if I could travel forward in time.  To the day after I die.

I want to see how it goes.  I hope there will be a lot of hugs and laughs.  I hope there will be funny stories, “Remember the time she……?”   I hope that my kids are fine, and that it happens far enough in the future that it won’t hurt them too much.

I hope there will be some good music.  Maybe John Rutter’s “Lux Aeterna”.  Or “Born to Run”. I’d be cool with either one.

I hope there will be food.  Meatballs, maybe?  Or a raw bar and champagne!

I hope that when people say “She’ll be missed”  they really mean it.

I hope that when I get to the Pearly Gates the doorman will tell me that the world is a little teeny bit better just because I lived.

26 thoughts on “Jumping forward in time

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  5. I’m betting your funeral would be a blast. And the fact that you chose the music should be something to make sure you tell your kids.

    When my Dad died his funeral was tiny, which was so sad. It was Florida. It was Christmas. Hardly anybody could get there. But he had chosen his music. Bobby Darin singing Mack the Knife. Nobody has a clue why. My niece Jen and I were tasked with finding the song — Dad didn’t like it enough to actually own it. It was before YouTube, etc. It was a difficult task. And then, while buying something totally unrelated, we found this and brought it to Dad’s funeral:

    Waaaaaaaaaaayyy better than Bobby Darin.


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  15. You’re so beautiful. I don’t know why but I just saw such a fresh, beautiful, kind personality in this post. I don’t know anything about empty-nest, and to be honest if you asked me a month back I wouldn’t have even known what it meant (we just learnt about it!); anyway, it’s heartbreaking and touching to see life in your eyes, a bit. I love your positivity, your courage, and the way your words lace so much feeling and hold so much depth.

    You’re leaving parts of yourself in this world everyday, even on this blog. You’re sharing your story, and we should all be lucky enough to have one to share.

    The point? This post was touching. If I was asked the same question I would somehow make it a materialistic, selfish answers, but you didn’t. Yours was thought provoking, and touching.

    (Happy belated birthday to your first-born, by the way!) you’re a great mother.

    Also quick question; do your kids happen to know about your blog? If not, would you take the challange of maybe one day asking one of the three, or maybe all of them to read it?

    Have a great day, although it’s over. Also thanks so much for always giving me feedback of my posts, I mean to respond, but I usually see them when I’m on my phone and it’s a huge process.

    Sorry for all this ramble 😉


    • Ah, this comment truly made my day! My week…..
      The very best part of this blogging adventure is “meeting” other writers and getting to know folks all over the world.

      You are a wonderful spirit and a gifted writer, and I am so very happy to have found you out here. I can picture you in my mind, and I imagine myself chatting with you over dinner (homemade by me, of course!)

      Thank you for taking the time to write!!! Looking forward to more of your challenges and many more of your posts!


      • DINNER! Totally.

        I think I like a little more spice in my food then the normal human, and you should probably hold it on the salt — something about too much salt always ruins a dish for me. I like my food fancy, I don’t eat tomatoes unless I cant see them, but I am a big fan of those tomato flower things they make on TV. I like pizza too, if that works for you, it’ll work for me.

        You should focus more on the desserts, though, I’m a dessert person. As a matter of fact, lets skip the dinner and go straight for the desserts. I like ice-cream, and anything with chocolate in it. sprinkles give everything more of a flavor. You can add glitter to my dessert as well, I’m sure it’s not healthy, but it’s pretty!

        (Wow. I would.)

        And, you’re completely right, it’s all about the people you “meet” and the things we learn from each other. (I’m not a great teacher, but…) I’m glad I could make you happy, it makes me happy.


      • Oh. My. God.
        You would love my cooking….My kids and I all love spice (my hubby, not quite so much. My sons live on sriracha) And I always go easy on salt (high blood pressure).
        and I make the BEST fallen chocolate cake with mascarpone/whipped cream. To die for.
        All I am lacking is someone to come over and eat it all.
        You’re invited!


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