Charter Charlatans?

This blog was written by one of my favorite bloggers. Please read this and please pass on your concern about how corporate interests are destroying public education.


If you live in the NYC area then you know that newly elected mayor, Bill DiBlasio, is working to fulfill a campaign pledge to charge rent to charter schools. The mayor said he wants to charge rent based on how much a school can afford to pay, and he also wants to slow or perhaps even stop the continued growth of the NYC charter school movement so that more focus can be brought back to the public schools. Naturally the charter schools are up in arms over this proposal because charter schools receive rent-free space in city buildings even though they are privately run.

During Mayor Bloomberg’s tenure, Money for charter schools increased from $32 million to $659 million and what was once a modest collection of 17 charter schools has now expanded to 159 charter schools within the city…and overall the NYC education budget has almost doubled to 25…

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2 thoughts on “Charter Charlatans?

  1. As education activists a dozen years ago, we argued against the introduction of a voucher system that would have stimulated the growth of charter schools at the expense of the Ontario public system. While I hate that it happened in New York, it’s good to see the politicians beginning to come to their senses.


    • “Beginning” is the operative word here. Let’s see how strong they can be in the face of the billions of dollars being offered by the big corporate entities (Pearson, Gates Foundation).


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