Logic is so overrated


My baby and her baby.

My baby and her baby.

Sometimes I think it is really important to ignore logic. Sometimes it is just absolutely necessary to let go of what makes sense and to embrace what makes our hearts sing.

I am a person who has spent way way way too much time doing what is expected and what seems like the “right” thing.  I never check out a new library book until I have returned all of the old ones.  I never, ever open a new box of cereal if the old one still had a few pieces of stale wheat flakes in it.

I don’t think of dessert unless I have eaten my vegetables and whole grains.  I separate my whites and my darks when I do the laundry.

I have never once, as far as I can remember, ever done something that most people would call “foolish” or “crazy” or even “silly”.

But I am delighted to tell you that my daughter is a freer soul than I am.  She is deeply in love, and about to be married.  She and her honey have been planning a wedding that will be fun and happy and filled with laughs.  They are SO not worried about having the napkins match the flowers.

They have been together for a little more than two years, and they have blended the families of her cat and his dog.

In the past few months, they have shopped for, found and purchased their first house.  It’s an amazing, beautiful place, but it is O. L. D.  It was built sometime before 1900, and it has been abandoned after foreclosure for more than three years.  They moved in this week, and the place is full of boxes, bereft of furniture and definitely dirty. It needs tons of work!  Our Sam will be able to fix it up and make it a gem, but right now, it is not exactly in prime shape.

A logical, predictable “good girl” would put off getting a puppy, no matter how much she and her fiance wanted a new little someone to love, to cement the “ours” in their new life together. A dependable “good girl” would push away her yearning, and her boyfriend’s pleas, and would be sure to paint the upstairs bedroom before getting a little doggie to add to the household.

And this is why I am delighted to announce that my daughter is NOT one of those “do what you’re told” women.  She bought her big old house.  She dumped all of her stuff inside, and she immediately listened to her heart.

Introducing the “as-yet-unnamed puppy” that has just entered my life.  He is a rescue dog, a beautiful baby boy.  He is loved and wanted by his mommy and daddy, and his “Puppy Nonni” can’t wait to meet him.

Here’s to the women who shrug off the rules and to the Mommas who raised them.

Perro Negro. Or Sambra. Or Ragazzo Or Guilt Free Indulgence. You pick the name!

Perro Negro.
Or Sambra.
Or Ragazzo
Or Guilt Free Indulgence.
You pick the name!

12 thoughts on “Logic is so overrated

  1. We are, of course, a family of rescuers, and we always let our pets tell us what names they prefer. Our previous Bouvier was so tramatized when we got her that, to the day she died, calling her by her previous name made her extremely nervous. She picked “Sophia” because she thought it sounded regal. And so she was.

    Our service dog was so totally above the whole “name” thing that we didn’t change his name. We added “Hey” simply because we discovered that before he’d listen to us, we first had to get his attention. So now his name is “Hey, Zeus”, and he’s okay with that, although it confuses our gardener for some reason…


  2. What a great little guy. I’m sooooo envious. Because of my melanoma surgery we have to put off a puppy because I cannot bend and lift for a few months — and how could I possibly not bend and lift up a bundle of love????? No, I have to wait.

    So give little what’s his name a great be hug from me from time to time!


    • Oh, jeez, Elyse, how did I miss this? I didn’t realize that you had melanoma surgery. Sending you love and healing thoughts.
      And a puppy as soon as possible! I will kiss my grandpup in your honor, though.


  3. He’s adorable. I’m sure the cat is thrilled! I like Russian names, so I’m thinking Kolya or Misha. If the house needs tons of work, it’s a great time to get a puppy. Better now than when the new carpeting goes in.
    I have my DVR set for Yanks at Astros on Tuesday. It seems forever since there’s been baseball.


  4. What a lovely baby you have. I wonder if anyone’s told Cote de Pablo that she has a doppelganger? As for the puppy, the name depends on the religion. Is the puppy perhaps Buddhist? Most animals are, you know…


    • Oh, that is TOO funny! My mom loves NCIS and she and my brother in law have been telling my Kate for years that she is a ringer for Cote! I think mine is prettier, but what do I know?
      As for the puppy, right now his religion is rawhide! He is a keeper, for sure!


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