Vernal pools

I wrote this piece in my very first empty nest year; a mere six months after my babies fled the nest.
It feels like cheating to repeat myself, but today when I came home, the big icy pond had reformed in my yard, and my thoughts went back to these memories, and to this post.

Empty Nest, Full Life

Every year, in the very early spring, a little pond forms in the front of our yard.  As the snow melts along the driveway, the water collects in a low spot, pooling around the trees and bushes.  Ice clings to the edges of the drive, holding the water in place for a while, but slowly retreating as the sun warms and the earth reappears. The pond is cold and murky, filled with rotting leaves and broken branches.   It is perfect for stirring with a big stick.  It is a magnet for little boys.

There were many spring days in the past when my sons would put on their boots and march forth into the icy water.  I always knew that the boots, worn down by the long winter, were the slimmest protection from the frigid water, but I felt like I was doing my duty by insisting that they be…

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2 thoughts on “Vernal pools

  1. I ran across a picture and immediately thought: “I bet this is something that momshieb’s daughter would post.” So here it is, just in case she wants to post it somewhere…


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