Hot, hot, hot

Only its not, not, not.....

Only its not, not, not…..

Alrighty then.

It’s May 26th.

Time for shorts.  Time for flip flops. Sun tan lotion.

Time for sweat.


So why am I sitting in my living room in fuzzy socks and a sweatshirt?  Why do I still have a blanket and a quilt on my bed? Why aren’t the dogs shedding and the fans blowing and the windows wide open?

Its time already!

I want to sit out on the deck with an iced coffee.  I want to fan myself with a folded paper, wipe my wrist across my brow and say, “God, its so hot!”

I am ready.

I want thunderstorms.  I want hazy, hot and humid. I want to be happy when I feel the air conditioning come on, instead of zipping up my sweatshirt.

I want summer, for God’s sake!  And I want it NOW!

I hate to be a climate change denier, you know? I’m into science and all that.

But, seriously?

What global warming?


I really miss my flip-flops.

7 thoughts on “Hot, hot, hot

  1. I am SO with you. I want to drink my morning coffee on the porch. I want to wear shorts at 7am. I have a personal “rule” that I don’t wear socks after May 1 or before Nov 1, but I have broken that one several times already. If my furnace comes on one more time……….ugh. Here’s hoping for at least a few weeks of REAL summer this year. (And woe to the first person who tells me “it’s too hot”)


    • Thank you!!! I am just YEARNING for that too hot feeling……

      We have an outdoor bridal shower and wedding this summer, too, so I am praying for sunny and hot soon!!!


  2. Hazy, hot, and humid will come, I promise you. And by mid-August, you’ll look longingly at the fuzzy socks and sweatshirt. You’ll yearn for the blanket and quilt.
    You left white shoes off your wish list. I remember as a MA kid, wearing the black patent leather Mary Janes until Memorial Day and then the white ones till Labor Day.
    What’s up with the Sox?


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