No more, please. No more.

No more Newtowns. No more Columbines. No more movie theatre massacres, shopping mall massacres, college classroom slaughter.

No more happy young college students murdered by angry gun toting misfits.

Click this link. Watch this unfolding statistical explanation of the senseless gun deaths in this country in one single year.

Then call your Senator, email your Congressman, contact the White House and tell them that you will never again vote for any politician who has even marginal support from the NRA.

Please.  No more.


7 thoughts on “No more, please. No more.

  1. Thanks for your post and for the link on gun deaths in one years time. The numbers and statistics
    are sobering.
    We need to keep the drum beat steady so each stroke sounds out against gun deaths; steady so it beats long after the media has highlighted some other issue. I’ll take up your challenge and will call my Senator email my congressman and tell them I will not vote for any politician who has even marginal support from the NRA. And I will tell my friends to do the same.
    May our drum beats gather strength and numbers and sound across the nation.


  2. Someone has done something. You. Without your suggestion, I never would have thought to contact my Congressmen. I never would have thought to vote against someone who has supported gun rights. I would have thought it was too lame– a wasted effort. But now I see withholding a vote during these upcoming mid-term elections is a powerful tool.
    Thanks. You make me believe this fight is doable.


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