The Mt. Washington Auto Road.

The Mt. Washington Auto Road.

First thought: this photo has nothing to do with this post.

Which is pretty much the point. I’m sort of out of gas.

It happens to me every summer!  Every summer.

I don’t know why I’m still surprised, but what can I say? I apparently don’t learn from the past.

In June, there is nothing on earth more enticing to me than the idea of a whole day at home by myself.  In August, I’m getting a little bored with only me for company.

In June, the smell of the charcoal grill is like a siren song, calling me to days and nights of warmth and comfort. I love the lingering smell of hickory smoked chicken in my hair as I go to bed late, late on an early summer night.

In August, I yearn for the smell of baking apples and the warmth of the oven on a cool evening.  That rich charcoal smell now makes me think of forest fires and charred hot dogs.  I’m all done.

Ah, and in June, in June, in the lengthening days of June, this teacher craves a week without a single essay to correct, or lunch line to organize, or best friend conflict to mediate.  In June, the idea of a world empty of children’s voices sounds like the very definition of peace.

But come August, this aging teacher begins to dream of children past.  Their bright eyes and bubbling laughs fill me with longing.  This old teacher, mother of all grown up children, starts to gravitate toward the groups of kids on the beach, hoping to be invited in to look at the tide pool.

I can tell that summer is winding down. There are so many unmistakable signs.  The days grow just a little bit shorter.  The nights are almost crisp.  The leaves are beginning to curl, and turn brown or red.  The goldenrod is sprouting in every open field.

I can tell that summer, for all its glory and its gifts, is drifting toward its close.  My house is so clean that I barely recognize it.  The windows sparkle, the basement has been swept. The siding was washed of all of its algae and today I found myself taking apart window fans so that I could scrub them clean before putting them back together.

I know for sure that summer is past its prime, because I am really eager to see the names on next year’s class list. I have started to organize my “Week One” files, and I am making little maps to reorganize my classroom.

Thank you so much, Summer of 2014~ you have been a joy and a pleasure. I intend to thoroughly enjoy every day you have left.

But bring on the kids pretty soon, OK?  Its getting a little boring out here.

7 thoughts on “Ennui

  1. I feel ya! Our first day is September 2 and I’ve already been in to set up my classroom. I’m still enjoying sleeping in and not bringing work home, but I am kind of ready to get started again. It’s really nice having summers off to completely unwind and rejuvenate. I wouldn’t trade this schedule for anything! 🙂


    • Our first day is the 2nd, too! I haven’t been in yet, except once to drop some stuff off. Going in the last week to throw myself into organizing and setting up, and getting together with my team!
      I love having summer, I do. And this is why! “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” I had a rough year last year, so I needed the break! Now, I’m ready!
      Enjoy these last few weeks of enough sleep, my friend!


  2. Another great post, Karen…you are a wonderful writer and I hope you consider compiling your posts into a book someday…also hope one or more of my grands gets you as a teacher. I know you will impart immeasurable wisdom on them…enjoy these waning days and rev up for the new year!


    • Thank you, Nancye! Coming from you, that is very hight praise! I would love to compile my posts, but have read/heard that publishers won’t touch anything that has been posted already. ???? Not sure……
      And believe me, I have been hoping/asking/begging/praying to have your grands in my class! All three of them absolutely fill me with delight, every time I see them!
      Hope to see you one of these days before too long, too!


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