Writing just to write

Oh, oh.

This is about to become one of those incredibly self-serving and self-conscious posts about blogging.


I hate those.

But I’m in a weird place!  I need advice/comfort/support/head slaps/eye rolls/”get over your bad selfs”/hugs.  I started this blog way back when because I was really, truly depressed about the emptying of my nest.

I was picturing this:

Wicked cute babies.

Wicked cute babies.

When in reality, my children looked like this:

My sweet occupiers.

Whoah. They grew up. A lot.

I was a very sad out-of-work Mommy.  So I poured my heart out into “Post Departum Depression” (get it??) and I cried and I mourned and I grieved.  And I found some wonderful kindred souls and some very smart and talented writers.  And slowly, slowly, I grew out of my sadness and my depression.

I grew to the point where I began to appreciate the pleasures of the post-baby phase of life.  And I began to write for the pleasure of writing.  I no longer needed the therapy, I no longer needed the outlet. But I kept on writing.

Why, you ask? Why did I continue to write, even when the therapy was no longer needed? Well, first of all, WordPress has these horribly addicting things called “Freshly Pressed” and “stats”.  You start to look at them.  Like every day.  Or maybe 43 times a day.  You notice those rare and exhilarating days when you have been “Freshly Pressed” or when a famous educational blogger like Diane Ravitch has shared your post. You become entranced as your stats go from 30 daily reads to 3,000 daily reads.  You start to feel moderately famous. You grab your laptop and frantically search for a topic.  You write because you want to be read!

I know that these little blips of success are fleeting. I know that I am not actually on my way to that Pulitzer Prize.  Still, I keep writing.

I write because every time I start to think, “Who the hell do I think I am, expecting people to read my drivel?”, I run into a smart, thoughtful, wonderful friend who tells me that she reads my words and that “they touch my heart”.  Gulp!  Talk about a boost of adrenaline and a boost to the ego! I write because the people I value find something meaningful in my words.

I have discovered that blogging has opened my world. I have blogging friends now in Scotland, England, California, Connecticut, Maine.  I have blogging friends who share my ideas, and friends whose ideas are totally foreign to me.  I have exchanged thoughtful comments about parenting, teaching, marriage, dog training, gun laws, the Arab Spring, Gaza and Israel, local foods and herbal medicine.

I learn something every time I check my reader.

But here is my dilemma.

I no longer feel that “Post Departum Depression”.   I no longer mourn over my empty nest.  Truth to tell, I am gearing up to be (hopefully) a grandmother one day in the not-too-distant future.

So.  Do I end this blog, and start another? Do I change the name of the site? Or do I honor the time in my life that helped me to find my writer’s voice, and keep the site and name as I grow into my “Nonni” years?

I’d love it if you would weigh in on this, everyone.  What should I do?

I can see every side of the issue, and I am not sure what to do.

Let me leave you with this. The image of my beloved babies, as they celebrated together at Kate’s wedding.

My favorite photo of all time. Truly.

My favorite photo of all time. Truly.

What’s your advice?


27 thoughts on “Writing just to write

  1. i say keep writing, you enjoy it, you’re good at it, and you’ve regained your balance once again, partly because of it. as for the name, i’m not sure how easy it is to change your name, but if it’s easily doable, you could include a link to it, in this, your old blog maybe ?


    • I wonder if its easy? Honestly, maybe I’m just too lazy to even bother! I keep thinking though, that its time to update. I don’t know, but thank you for the encouragement to keep going!


  2. Yes, please keep on writing! As for the name change, I say go for it, if that’s the change you need right now. A blogger friend of mind changed her blog name completely after blogging two years and it was a seamless transition for her and her readers.


    • Really? Any suggestions (oh, wise and hilarious friend)? I don’t know how to do it, though! Even though I am hopelessly addicted to technology, I basically still don’t get it. I think its all magic!


  3. If you can come up with a new name you like (cuz this name is pretty fab) do it! All you need is a link to it and you’re good to go! And yes, best picture everrrrr. Xo


  4. Not to get too technical, but people don’t (generally) find your blog via the name. They go via the “link”, either from WordPress or someplace else. Since the “link” goes to https://momshieb.wordpress.com/, the name of your blog isn’t really important to keeping your readership. Although a modified name like Post Departum Recovery or Post Departum Life might make sense, in reality, you could rename it to anything and not “move” it anywhere. Just put a note in your “About” file that explains the name change and forge ahead…

    At least, that’s what I’d do, but then, I’m an old fart and don’t worry about the little things anymore…


  5. It is sort of awkward blog name that never seemed to fit you, however, now it does because you ARE “post departum depression” (although momshieb is who I really think of you as). It is sort of like someone who loses weight; regardless of what changes on the surface, they are still the dear friend (same name) we know and love. My advice: keep the name and continue writing until it is all out there; until you have nothing left to say. Lots of new empty nesting moms will read your posts and appreciate how you have put into words what they are feeling for the first time, and they will enjoy your transformation as much as the rest of us.
    – from Worrywart (I think I might be logged in at my teacher site :))


    • Oh, my very first blogging friend! The one who made me believe that this blogging thing was a good idea! So happy to hear from you!
      I kind of love that you thought the name never seemed to fit, because it tells me that my very real and very difficult depression didn’t totally drain my spirit. You’ve been through a few name changes, so you know what I mean here!
      Hope that all is well with you and yours! What are your blog links nowadays?


  6. First of all, please do keep writing.

    As for setting up a new blog… maybe, if you are feeling the creative urge to start new. Fresh starts, new brooms sweep cleanest, yadda yadda

    But, you could just rename this – how about Post Post Partum: The kids have flown and I feel great! (kinda sorta)

    Or apply a new theme. Maybe a fresh coat of paint is all that’s needed!

    As for how: go to dashboard, then appearance, then customize, then site title. presto change-o, you’re good to go


  7. No matter what name you decide on for your blog, please keep writing. You are very smart, very funny and very talented. You have definitely found your voice, which is something many writers strive for for years without any luck. Writing is freeing and you have discovered that. Good luck as the new school year spreads out before you. And, on a personal note, I was delighted to hear my grandson is in your class this year. I was hoping for that. Take care and write on!

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    • Thank you, Nancye! I was equally delighted to see your boy’s name on my list! I know that I am heading into a year full of energy and laughter, and that these kids won’t allow me to feel all old and grumpy.
      And many thanks for reading, and for your very kind words. Writing really is so “freeing”!


  8. I just saw your new blog title…I love it! A great choice. Glad to see you’ll continue writing here and on your teacher blog, as well.


  9. Definitely keep writing! Who knows where this will lead during your “empty nest, full life.” Erma Bombeck started out writing a local column for a small town paper just to make some chump change to help out with the grocery bills, and you know the rest of that story. I’m looking forward to reading what you discover up the road as the remaining children exit stage left and the grandchildren enter stage right. 🙂

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  10. I just found your blog and it is funny because I started mine with a similiar name and for some of the same reasons, although not completely empty yet. My problem is I don’t seem to be able to get past sharing my blog or putting it out there like you did. Good luck with whatever decision you make but it is always good to know their are kindred spirits.


    • Hi, Lisa!
      Glad you found me!
      The whole “putting it out there” thing is a very tough question! For my first year, I was literally my only reader. Then very gradually, people found me and followed, and then someone told me to link to Facebook, and then to Twitter. I was sort of faked out to do it (how shamelessly self-promoting!). After a bit, though, I found that people in my life were telling me that they liked reading what I wrote, that it served a purpose for them. So…..
      Writers write in order to be read. Go to your Dashboard and to “Sharing” and link yourself! Your words have value and purpose! Heading to read you right now….!

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