Oh, the Hypocrisy!!!

"Keeping America Safe"

Yay, Congress!  You brave, brave fighters for America!

The outcry from Congress is deafening. They WILL protect Americans, dammit!  They DEMAND that the government take steps to keep our country safe! They don’t care how inconvenient it might be to some people, they don’t care if there is an impact on business, they. do. not. care. if it costs a lot of money to do the right thing!  They are Congress, and they want everyone to know that they will not sit idly by while the US Government refuses to take active steps to keep every American safe.

You Go, Congress!  Go get ’em, Michael Burgess, Republican Representative from Texas. You will not sit idly by while people conduct business or travel back and forth with West Africa. You demand a travel ban! So what if this would represent government interference with international business? You know what’s right, don’t you?   And good for you, brave Marco Rubio and Dennis Voss.  You don’t intend to let the government continue its laissez faire attitude in the face of such a terrible threat. You insist that we deny visas for travel between the US and any of the affected countries in Africa. You make us feel so well protected.

And let’s not forget Rep. Tim Murphy of Texas, who wants to go even further.  He wants to impose a mandatory quarantine, for three full weeks, on anyone who has been in the hot zone.  His words, “I don’t care if its inconvenient!”


They sure do want to keep us safe, don’t they?  They are willing to restrict basic rights like freedom of movement just to prevent the spread of a disease that has so far infected 5 out 316,000,000 people in the US. And which has killed one.

Makes you feel pretty sure that the same guys would be stepping up to deal with a threat that has killed about 32,000 a year for the past five years, right?  I mean, they don’t care if safety precautions are inconvenient! They don’t care if those precautions interfere with business practices or with profits.  They certainly wouldn’t balk at the imposition of government regulations that might save thousands of lives, right?


So I wonder why Tim Murphy has an A rating from the NRA?  Probably because he voted to prevent people from suing gun makers or gun owners in the event of a homicide. Probably because he opposes any laws to impose background checks for gun sales.

And, gee whizz, I have to wonder why Marco “We must protect Americans” voted against banning high capacity magazines of over 100 bullets?  I wonder why he adores the Constitution when he thinks it means that anyone can own any guns he wants to own, but doesn’t think much of it when it insures freedom to move around the country and to carry on business?

Maybe Congress just isn’t very good at math.  More people have married Kim Kardashian than have caught Ebola in the US, but 32,000 of our countrymen die from guns every year. One Ebola death causes a panic, but 32,000 gun deaths cause a big yawn.

My chances of catching Ebola in my classroom are so minute that I can barely represent them here.  They are about 1 in 13.3 million, according to NPR.  My chances of dying in a car crash in the US are about 1 in 9,100.

My odds of dying from a gunshot in the US are about 1 in 300, according to the website MedHelp.

Look again:

We demand that you restrict the rights of Americans because of an epidemic with a 1 in 13.3 million chance of death.   We demand that you preserve the rights of Americans in spite of an epidemic with 1 in 300 chance of death.

Oh, the hypocrisy.

8 thoughts on “Oh, the Hypocrisy!!!

  1. Moms: Outstanding post! Simply outstanding!! My jaw keeps dropping over the hypocrisy over Ebola (the same people you are calling out failed to approve a Surgeon General–that’s how much they really care about our safety). This is why I have to chill on the news because these idiots are giving me a heart palpitations.


    • Thanks, Eleanor!
      I know, I didn’t even touch on the Surgeon General question. Its just the outrageousness of “I don’t care if its inconvenient!” vs. “People have the RIGHT to these guns!”
      I keep trying to cool it on the news, but I have to check every hour just to see what is going on. Heart palpitations and all!


  2. I can’t tell you how much I’m cheering for this post! Or at least I shouldn’t tell you, because I’m not American so the US gun culture is none of my business. Except that it sort of is, given America’s global influence. And I really, really don’t understand how a supposedly intelligent nation can countenance such a bizarre proliferation of deadly weapons. Except that I sort of do, because there’s money in guns, and those with the money rule the roost.
    My son and his family are in LA at the moment. I was tempted to give them all bullet-proof vests.


    • Thank you for your cheering; I would love for the rest of the civilized world to make known how bizarre they believe we are.
      I would love to read news stories where people like you express your fear of coming to this country.
      If only Canada had open doors, I’d move my family in a heartbeat.


      • I posted a couple of blogs on the subject last year, and was met with resounding silence. Which is fair enough. Not my right to criticise your internal policies, and it isn’t as if we’re perfect either. But anyone I’ve ever talked to here does think it’s bizarre. How can people not see what the statistics are telling them: Guns are dangerous, people get shot.

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