A Soft Morning


This post will be brief, but I need to share it.

I woke up this morning, this day-after-Thanksgiving morning, and looked out into the snowy woods.  The sun is rising and there are puffy, gentle clouds floating out beyond the tips of the branches. The sky is the lightest, palest blue, with a touch of gold where the rising sun is painting the bellies of the little clouds.

It is a soft morning. I slept long and deeply, and dreamed of the ocean.

Yesterday I saw all three of my children, and two who are loved by those children, making them also mine. My daughter handled the hosting, making a flawless feast in her cozy old house. My kids were together, and we were there with them. They love each other, a lot. They love us. The torch was passed happily and easily.

It is a soft, soft morning.

I watched some news this morning.  Two little boys, about the ages of my students, were buried in five feet of snow in New York State.  Police and family worked frantically for hours to find them, not knowing that the plow had come and covered them as they played.

At 2am they were located, pulled out, rescued. Alive, and well, and with a story to tell for the rest of their lives. What a soft morning.

In Ferguson, Missouri a community group got together to cook and serve a huge Thanksgiving dinner for those affected by the protests and riots and angry violence.  The TV news showed a black woman about my age serving up big piles of squash and mashed potatoes to young white people who were smiling and thanking her. A stout white woman with puffy blond hair was serving fresh rolls and slices of turkey to a handsome black teenaged boy with dark framed glasses and a blue hoodie.  He was smiling and pointing to the part of the turkey that he liked the best.

They called it a “family dinner”.  They were supporting each other, taking care of each other, sharing good things with each other.

Never doubt that “food is love”.

What a soft morning!


Now its off to complete the last 9,000 words for my NaNoWriMo effort!

9 thoughts on “A Soft Morning

      • Not really, although I did add some this morning. I don’t think I have a realistic chance of hitting the 50,000 mark, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write. Let’s just say this month hasn’t been my best effort. I’m so impressed with you, though. Go, baby, go!


      • Aw, don’t be impressed! You did it last year! This story has been in there for a while, and needed to get out. And I don’t even want to think about all that I’ve been neglecting this month!!!

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