Time For Some Serious Smiting

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I feel the need to write a post to God tonight. Or least a post about him. And his whereabouts.

I have been listening to the news again.  And I can’t help asking about God.

Where is He? Where the hell is He?

I’m not all that religious, really.  I don’t know if the God I am looking for is the one who was born in the manger, the guy with the long dark hair and soulful eyes. I’m not sure if the God I am waiting for is the one who Mohammed talked about, or the one who Buddha revered. I’m not sure if He’s the guy that my Jewish friends are praying to, or the one that that was once thought to live in the mountains or the God who lives in the trees.


I don’t have a preference, actually. I just want to see or hear from God himself.  I am in need of some Godly reassurance.

I mean, every time I read anything about God, he seems to be all about peace and harmony and forgiveness and love.  He seems to be the God of a reasonable life.

So, pardon me, but where in God’s name is God?

A bunch of psychopathic lunatics decide that, in the name of God, they will attack a school and massacre as many children as they can possibly massacre.  Seriously?  Hello, God, you out there?  You couldn’t send a lightning bolt for this?

A twisted angry man in Pennsylvania decides to get back at his ex wife by murdering her and her entire family and then killing himself for good measure?  Ah, yo?  Allah, you listening?  Where ARE you?

The world is seething with war, most of it waged in Your name.  You couldn’t make even a cameo appearance for this nonsense?

I read about the horrors that are happening in Syria, about the babies dying in droves as the men with the guns duke it out over who will control the money and the military.  I read about the actions of the twisted, demented maniacs who callously behead innocents in the name of Islam and then post the videos on YouTube.   I remember the images from Newtown.

And I can’t help but ask, Where in all of this sickness and death is the God of mercy?

Dear God/Allah/Buddah/Vishnu/Jesus/tree spirit/Zeus: if you’re out there (and believe me, I’m not saying you aren’t), can you please, please, please flex your mighty hand, and drop it with a gloriously resonant thwack onto the heads of all those who murder in your name?  I beseech, thee, O Holy Person In Charge, can you please, please, please use some of your Heavenly power to smite the living crap out of those who slaughter innocent children?  Can you please reach down from your place on the throne of eternity and squash the life out of every single human who thinks that it is acceptable to commit murder just to make a point or just to even out the pain or just to express his psychopathology?

God, you seem like a very sweet and caring soul.  Don’t you think this would be a really good time for you to part the slivery clouds and send forth your thunderous voice to the mortal souls below?

You might want to say something like this, if you get a chance to reach out to those who carry out these horrors.  You might say, “Cut the shit, all ye who act in my name. I am the God of death and pestilence and if you touch the hair of one more innocent child, I will fill your bowels with the molten lava of Vesuvius.  You commit these acts of the devil just one more time in MY name, and I will smite the crap out of every single one of you.  And I am NOT fooling around.”

I’d feel SO much better if you’d do that. Just this once.

28 thoughts on “Time For Some Serious Smiting

  1. Funny, I was thinking along the same lines today. I’m thinking that God’s just off duty. Because the same deity who created all the beauty in the world isn’t paying attention these days.


  2. Unfortunately the majority of this world has made it abundantly clear that God is no longer welcome here. He has been pushed out of schools, government, etc and this is the result. The Bible is very clear that He will give those people over to their reprobate (perverted, sinful) mind, which is the result of people pushing God out. The judgment of God will come. I urge all of you to read the Bible and seek the Lord Jesus Christ before it is too late.

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    • Oh, for the love of…….
      You kind of missed the point here, I’m afraid.
      The point is, ALL the gods claim to be “the one”, and “the answer” and they ALL claim to be the way to peace.
      I think they are all the same force/spirit. and so I have no interest in singling out Jesus over the others.
      If you don’t think the assholes who just murdered the kids in Pakistan are the sinful ones, and you think that the world is a mess because public schools don’t praise Jesus over all the other gods, then you are part of the problem.
      I want a big old GOD fist (and I don’t care what name He goes by) and I want that fist to smite those who MURDER children, not those who pray to a different god.
      You completely miss the point that the “majority of this world” thinks its OK to cut off the heads of innocent people “in the name of God”.
      If He isn’t disgusted by now, I am not sure he’s there.

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  3. It’s truly sickening. I though Old Testament God was a god of vengeance or whatever. Apparently that God got replaced with lame ol’ Jesus who just wants rainbows and sunshine and for people to find their own path.

    I’d rather there be no religion to fight over. A girl can dream.


  4. For those of us who are religious, there’s a definite disconnect here between all the light and love and everything being as it should be (WTF?) and the world we actually live in. I can’t begin to explain it, but like you, I really wish the gap would close ASAP.


  5. “I most definitely believe in a spirit or something that guides all of life.” Me too. And I’m constantly enraged by the arrogant self-righteous bigots who claim the right to cram their version of god down other people’s throats, violently or peacefully, Get over yourselves, arseholes. The trouble with poor old god is that whatever or whoever he or she is, they’re not into smiting. Obvioulsy. So it follows that these people don’t represnet him/her, whatever they think. Arrogant, self-righteous bigotry is the province of warped humanity. And perhaps of those who don’t have a life, or enough to do.

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