Staying Home


Its kind of awful outside.

Last night it snowed, but by dawn it had turned to freezing rain. As the day went on, the temperature climbed just high enough for the sleet to mix with rain.  A steady, dreary, icy drizzle fell all day, turning the snow to mounds of frozen slush.

Its foggy out there, too.  If I pull aside my nice thick curtains, I can peer out into the murky night. I see the lights on my neighbor’s porch shining through the gauzy mist, illuminating the dripping, frozen trees.

Its a dark, cold, wet night. The kind of night that had us pulling all the curtains closed early, closing us in with our fire and our hot soup and our warm blankets.

I wonder, as I sit here all cozy and safe, how many women my age are outside on this freezing night?  I wonder how many kids are trying to curl up in cardboard boxes on city streets, desperate to keep the slush from soaking through their sleeping bags. I wonder, as I pull the fleece blanket higher around my shoulders, how I came to be a lucky woman in a warm house, knowing that at this very moment, everyone that I love is equally safe and sheltered and warm.

I sit here, listening to the steady rhythm of icy drops falling from the eaves.  I wonder why there are families in my town, my state, my country who have no safe, dry place to sleep tonight.

I wonder why we think its OK for our neighbors to be left out in the cold when the rest of us are cocooned inside with the light.

I wonder.

8 thoughts on “Staying Home

  1. Whenever I’m feeling sorry for myself, I look around at house, even though it could use some fixing up … and I realize how lucky I really am. Because so many others have so much less.

    It’s supposed to be up near 60 degrees tomorrow. This is a very strange version of a New England winter!


    • It certainly is! We took our dog to the vet to find out why she was shedding so badly; its the weather!

      And I know what you mean about the house. Last night, with the wind howling and all that ice everywhere, I just kept picturing people (children!) with no where to go. Makes me want to open up my spare rooms!


  2. I always thought my parents were crazy for taking the money they might have spent on each other every Xmas and giving it to charity. Maybe they aren’t…

    As long as they don’t spend MY present money anyway…


    • But I hate that in a country this rich we have to rely on charity! I hate that.
      It just seems to me that housing is a pretty basic right. Wondering why the heck we even have a government these days…..Oh, that’s right. To protect the mega corporations. My mistake.
      Feeling feisty today.


  3. And the great divide between the “haves” and the “have nots” keeps growing wider every day. It’s distressing, to say the least. We are trying to do our part here in Maine by volunteering our time and talents to Habitat for Humanity York County. And it is opening our eyes to the housing needs of so many, right here in our own backyards. And these needs just keep growing…..distressing, to say the least.


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