Time Travel

Wormhole_travel_as_envisioned_by_Les_Bossinas_for_NASAFor as long as I can remember, I have wished that I could travel through time.   I fell in love with “A Wrinkle in Time” when I was in the fifth grade, and the whole time travel idea has consumed me ever since.

Of course, I don’t have any real desire to travel into the future.  I mean, I’ll be dead by then. Why would I go there?

But I love history.  I would so love to go back in time! I’d love to see what my little town looked like 100 years ago.  I would love to visit my little New England town in the days of horse drawn carriages and small farms.

Sometimes, on lovely spring days, I drive to Concord and walk along the Battle Road, wishing that I could see it on the morning of April 19th, 1775.   Wouldn’t that be something?

So I guess I should be happy that so many of our political leaders are trying to do their best to bring us back into those days of yore.

If we go back in time, to where these politicians want to take us, we can once again enjoy the days where religion trumped science.

We can once again enjoy those happy, simple times, where children are born whether or not there is someone there to take care of them and whether or not they are wanted. We can enjoy the lovely days when children came down with measles and mothers were able to nurse them back to health, if they didn’t die.  If we are lucky, and the current trend continues, we may be able to once again delight in the pleasures of diphtheria.  Maybe we’ll even meet “dropsy” once again.

And I guess I’m going to be able to enjoy the days of the Old West, too, since it looks like pretty soon every American will own a gun. And will be able to carry that gun under his jacket and walk with it into the local school and library and office and state house.

What a thrill.

I don’t know how my children and grandchildren will feel about all this, but at least this history buff is going to get her time travel thrill!

5 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. I live in a town with the permanent goal of never leaving the 1950s. Forget about going BACK. They’ve never gone forward. I think I’d prefer the wormhole method. You know … you’re walking along, minding your own business, and suddenly, there’s a wormhole and of course, you go through it and you are in … (add your favorite century) …


  2. A bit unfair – people in this country (UK) stopped having their children innoculated against measles/ mumps/rubella because of a peer-reviewed scientific paper in a leading medical journal, a fear-fuelling campaign by the tabloid press and online conspiracy theorists. Even when the scientists got their act together, a lot of the conspirasists and paranoia remained. Nothing to do with religion – everything to do with a loss of trust in experts and political leaders, a culture of risk aversion and – let’s face it – human nature.

    PS When tempted to time travel, I always find that the word “plumbing” has a sobering effect.

    Love the blog


    • I think that the same root causes (distrust of government and for some odd reason a distrust of science) is at work here. As a public school teacher, I just find it incredibly frustrating when people feel that it is acceptable to put others at risk. And over here religion and politics seem to go hand in hand, I don’t know exactly why.
      And thank you for the head slap about the plumbing! Great thought!


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