Shots and Shots


The entire country is up in arms about the recent measles outbreak.  And for good reason, too!  This disease is a threat to the children of our country, and it can be easily prevented.

We are all absolutely (and justifiably) horrified to think that our fellow Americans would put their own perceived individual rights ahead of the safety of our children.  I mean, really! Who do these people think they are, insisting that they have the right to put our children at risk just because they choose to engage in dangerous behavior! ?

The vast majority of the politicians speaking out about this issue are adamant that a parent does NOT have the right to endanger their own children, much less the right to endanger the rest of society.  I’ve been watching CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS.  I’ve read the Boston Globe, the New York Times, the Washington Post.  Everyone out there is shaking their head in dismissive agreement: if you want to take an action or engage in a behavior that puts people at risk, you should be isolated from the rest of us.  No public school for you!  No daycare!

Hillary Clinton spoke out loudly and clearly on this whole thing, did you see it? “The Earth is round, the sky is blue and vaccines work”


I get it.  Even though I actually had measles when I was little.  As well as rubella, chicken pox and mumps. I had ’em all.  They were not fun.  I didn’t die, but I know that I was lucky to walk away from all of those diseases unscathed.  And I know that these illnesses should no longer be a threat to our children.

So I say, “You go, media! You go, Hillary!  You go, politicians!”  Way to protect the average American from the threats of those who believe that their individual rights trump our rights to live our lives in relative safety.

Obviously the vast majority of Americans, the media and the political elite are ready to stand up and declare: “Your right to act like a selfish, self serving idiot, your right to behave in a way that is dangerous to the rest of us, is limited by the fact that you are a member of a society!  You have to help keep us ALL safe!”

I can’t wait to see them take on the NRA.

9 thoughts on “Shots and Shots

  1. I also had them all, but I was lucky that the polio vaccine came along when I was just 5, so I got to skip that and I remember how grateful everyone was to NOT have polio looming. We all lined up in the auditorium and got polio shots in September 1951 (it might have been 1952). For people to decide they have the right to endanger everyone else is just wrong in so many ways. When I was in elementary school, you couldn’t attend public school unless you got your vaccinations. They should bring that back. Then go find a private school that will take you unvaccinated kids.


    • I think my point was too vague. I was trying to say, “really? We’re freakin’ out over measles, but we let the gun nuts walk around threatening us all because we believe in “individual freedom”???????

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  2. Thankfully guns are not a regular feature of normal life here in Ireland and measle vaccination is still high.
    I don’t think there is an excuse for ignorance even if it is as a result of someone being misinformed!


  3. You hit it on the head again, Moms.

    I must say I was heartened by the man who was prosecuted inNJ, I think, for the accidental-who-could have-expected it shooting by his son of a neighbor’s child. I think we need to do more of that. Prosecution and civil suits against gun owners and anti-vax folks.


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