When I am a Grandmother

When I am a grandmother, I will be called “Nonni”.  I will make delicious pizza for my grandchildren. I will make them pancakes, and let them pour the syrup. I will be the Nonni who lets them stay up late on sleepovers.  I’ll be the one who helps them make gingerbread houses at Christmas.

When I am a grandmother, I will go on the swings, even if it makes me dizzy.  I’ll go down the slide, and I’ll laugh out loud.  I’ll watch endless repeats of children’s television, even if it means that a sickeningly cloying song will dance through my head for two weeks.

When I am a grandmother, I will baby sit whenever I’m needed. I’ll arrive with warm cookies and a warmer smile.  I’ll hold babies in my arms until they fall soundly asleep, even if it takes all night.

I’ll sing lullabies, right into their ears, and I’ll croon Italian love songs until they drift away to sleep.  I’ll read to them; “Goodnight Moon” and “Love You Forever”.  “Mike Mulligan” and “Make Way for Ducklings”.  I’ll read “The Night Before Christmas” by the light of a window candle, and I’ll tuck them in and whisper “Merry Christmas” in their ears.

When I am a grandmother, I’ll step back and watch as my children pass on lessons learned at my knee.  I’ll watch and I’ll nod as they pass on lessons I have never dreamed of.  I’ll feel such pride as I watch my children with their children.

When I am a grandmother, I will feel immortal. I will feel secure.  When I am a grandmother, I will know what it is to see my father’s eyes, three generations after his birth.

When I become a grandmother, and put on my “Nonni” shirt, I will hold my grandchild close to my heart. I will look at my daughter and I will say, “Now, at last, you know how much I love you.”

When I become a grandmother, next August, I will take the next great step on my life’s incredible journey.

I cannot wait!


Hope I’ll be as good at the Grandma gig as my Mom is!

21 thoughts on “When I am a Grandmother

  1. How very exciting. Grandparenting is definitely the best of both worlds. I went to a funeral today of a much loved grandparent. Her grandchildren flew home to Ireland from all over the world including two from australia, such was her influence on their lives.


  2. Oh, Karen… did we ever predict this? I don’t think we thought much beyond marrying the Beatles… I couldn’t be happier for you. Much love.


    • Thank you, Jo! It is a strange and incredibly wonderful moment in my life! Scary, exciting, mind-numbing……My Kate will be the BEST Mom ever, and her Sam is incredibly excited and ready to be a fun, loving, happy Dad. What a crazy adventure!


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