Once in while something in life reminds me that my existence has some meaning after all.

Most of the time I am profoundly aware of the fact that mine is just one tiny life in a procession of billions of human lives.  I understand that my worries and stresses are only the tiniest drops of worry in the world, and that my accomplishments are only the most microscopic of events in a mighty universe.

But once in a while, I can truly experience the feeling of being a true part of all human life.

Today is Mother’s Day.  And I am a mother.  i have given the world three new humans.  I am part of the endless chain of mothers and children that is humanity.

But more than that, I am now the mother of a mother.

A week or so ago, I was riding in my car with my daughter, now six months pregnant with a daughter of her own.  We were driving together to visit my mother.  Four generations of women in our family would be at the dinner table that night!

As we drove, my daughter reached out and took my hand, placing it on her belly. I waited a heartbeat, then I felt my granddaughter, through the warm, strong flesh of my firstborn child, moving against the palm of my hand.

I felt her move.

I was in awe!  I have been pregnant myself, three times, and was always moved by the miracle of feeling life inside me, so separate yet so much a part of me.

But this!  This was more miraculous, more powerful, more magic.

I feel immortal.  I feel that I am a tiny piece of the eternal goddess who is the mother of us all.


Happy Mother’s Day to every mother, daughter, sister, aunt, out there!

8 thoughts on “Immortality

  1. Happy Mothers day to you and the other mothers in your life. Tonight as I type my greatest friends daughter is in labour with a first grandchild, but ssssshhhh we are not telling anyone until she delivers. Great excitement here.
    How wonderful to have those four generations together. Such a privilege.

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