Lock and Load……..


Wow. It was quite a day for national news.

I mean.  Wow.

Yet another young man decided to grab a few guns and kill some random strangers.   So scary!   Four young and innocent Marines went to work this morning and will never come home again.  Another angry young man is dead, having chosen to shoot his way out of this life.

Clearly, say all the pundits on CNN, it is time to place armed guards around military bases and military recruitment offices.

And the angry young man who decided to shoot up a Colorado movie theater a few years ago was found guilty on all charges today.  More deaths, more wasted lives, more horror.

Obviously, it is time to increase armed guards at movie theaters.

As a teacher, I am still grieving over the horrors that unfolded in Newtown on that terrible morning when another angry, sick young man decided to make his exit by taking a whole classroom of babies with him.

We should have armed guards at the front door of every school.  Clearly.

We should have armed men standing in front of churches, too, and attending every Bible study group.Because it is impossible to tell exactly when yet another disillusioned, racist, hopeless, twisted, unloved and unloving young person might decide to shoot the place up in an act of defiance.

Our ministers should be armed. Our priests should carry loaded guns under their robes. Our kindergarten teachers and our English teachers and our college professors should all be armed every single day.  You know. Just in case.

And young baristas at Starbucks in small New England towns should probably carry guns, too.  And the kids who gather to play music in cozy art galleries in those small towns might want to be packing heat as they strum their acoustic guitars.

Because you just never know when an angry young man in a tiny little Berkshire town like Adams, Mass. might decide to blow up a college cafeteria.  A young man like the one who is the same age as my boys.  Like the one who lives in the same bucolic place where they share a house.

You just never know when it will happen.

Clearly, it is time for us all to arm ourselves to the teeth, to load our guns and keep them close. And we should be ready to pull those guns out and start firing just as soon as the next sad and broken young man or woman starts to shoot the place up.


Maybe we should think about limiting the guns……………..

9 thoughts on “Lock and Load……..

  1. I just don’t get it – America’s lack of gun control. Well, I sort of do: the NRA has so much money and so much power, it’s hard to fight back. But I really, really don’t get it that so many normal people see easy access to lethal weapons as ‘good’. .
    But it doesn’t matter that I don’t get it. I’m not American. I’m human, though, and it grieves me deeply that in the most highly-developed nation in the world, innocent people will go on dying for an argument that the rest of the developed world sees as totally flawed.. And it worries me that my son will be in the US in two weeks.


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