Here we go again….

“We are a strong community.” “We will get through this.”  “We ask the public to pray for us.” “Law enforcement is doing an amazing job.”

Holy crap.

Are you serious?

Here we go again.

Can you even begin to identify the local law enforcement person who just made the above statements?

I bet you can’t.

“We need to pray for those who have been killed or injured.”   And , “We are a strong community.  We will come together in the face of this terrible tragedy.”

Name that town.

Name that tragedy.

Go ahead. I dare ya.

Cuz here’s what I think:  It could be any angry/depressed/frustrated/thwarted person in your community.   And it could be any mayor/representative/town council/selectboard expressing its shock/horror/outrage at the terrible events that have just unfolded in the happy/calm/quiet/small/local community where the shooter lived.

We are ALL a part of this world. We are ALL liable for the guns/anger/frustration that leads to this type of horrifying event in our local communities.

We are ALL liable for the fact that increasing numbers of disenfranchised young people have decided to shoot their way out of their depressing lives.

We are ALL responsible for the fact that this country allows everyone who wants a gun to buy that gun. We are ALL responsible for the senseless, pointless, meaningless deaths that continue to occur every single day in this lawless jungle that we so foolishly refer to as our “nation.”


8 thoughts on “Here we go again….

    • Oh, my God, that was fantastic!!!!! I loved it, and I agree with every single word. Love that he was in Boston for that show (I live in Massachusetts). I have been off line for a bit (out of state, had a new grandchild……..) or I would have replied much more quickly. Thank you for this!!! Sharing it to friends right now!
      He is wonderful!


      • All the more reason why you should post these things, Helen! So many Americans think that we are “exceptional” and it makes me sick! Exceptionally short sighted and stupid, in the case of guns. I have shared this video with a bunch of like minded friends, so thank you again! Considering sending it to the presidential candidates……!


    • America is exceptional in many ways – as is every country – but I find it interesting that relatively few Americans have passports, meaning that relatively few have a wider perspective of world values. As far as guns are concerned, I think the rest of the Western world has got to the stage of rolling its eyes. And sadly, I doubt if presidential candidates would take much notice. Obama is obviously fed up with the situation, but hasn’t been able to change a thing. Very sad.

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