Me and Ellie, cuddling up.

Me and Ellie, cuddling up.

I am sitting on my sofa on this brutally hot afternoon.  The curtains are drawn against the sun, and the fans are circulating the cool air from my bedroom AC unit.  It is quiet in the house, except for the lulling white noise of the big floor fan and the humming of the AC.

My big dog, Tucker, is asleep on the floor, his warm head resting on my right foot. My laptop is perched on my knees.

Baby Ellie is asleep on my chest.  I feel each of her heartbeats against my own heart. I feel her silky hair on my chin. I smell her sweet baby smell and kiss the long, graceful fingers of her left hand, which she has placed against my waiting lips.

Every few minutes, Ellie stirs just a bit, making a tiny squeak, or stretching out her arms. I can tell when she pouches her cheeks and blows out air, because I feel the gentle movement against me.

Ellie’s Momma is asleep in the other room, using this time to recharge.  She needs to be ready for all those middle of the night feedings and changings.

She trusts me with her Ellie.

I hold my granddaughter closer. I scoop my palm under the sweet roundness of her diapered bottom, hitching her a bit higher against me. I rest my cheek on her head.

The fans hum, the dog yawns, and Ellie’s heart beats strong and steady against mine.

My world at this moment is absolute perfection.

17 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. You are so right — life just doesn’t get any better than this. Enjoy every second. And write lots of stuff like this, so you can remember these feelings of pure joy and share them with Ellie when she’s older.
    I had to say goodbye to my black lab on Friday morning, and your photo above was the first thing that’s made me smile since then.


    • Oh, my friend, I am so sorry! My old black dog is not doing well right now either…..Life just goes on and on, and all we can do is find those sweet moments of perfection where we can. And hold onto tightly to each of them!


      • I hope you have both Sadie and Tucker for a long time to come.
        I was so happy when I could look around the family room as I read and see my five — the yellow lab, the black lab, and the three cats. Now it’s just the three cats, and the black male will be joining the dogs soon. It will be so weird to be down to Sasha (gray female) and Misha (orange male).


      • They are our family; anyone who doesn’t understand that doesn’t have a heart. I just keep telling myself that we are lucky to have them for the time that we do. …


  2. I just spent two wonderful weeks with granddaughters. I was lucky to have the whole two weeks with the latest arrival who is about seven weeks old. My arms feel very empty now, and I get teary eyed with missing her coos. Her whole body squirms with her efforts to talk. My son reported that she has started to play tongue with him thrusting her tongue out in rhythm with his. And here I sit with tears in my eyes.


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