I. Am. So. Stylin.

How much would you pay for this?

How much would you pay for this?

I always suspected that somewhere, deep down, I was a stylish woman.  I mean, you might not realize it the first time you meet me, and I’m wearing worn out LL Bean jeans and an “I Love History” Tshirt.

And just because I couldn’t name a single fashion designer to save my life….Well. Does that really matter?

OK, so my idea of “dressing up” means wearing either black jeans or blue corduroys. So what?  I am a regular fashion maven.

You see, way back in about 1971, I realized that denim was my friend. It never wrinkles, the older it gets, the cooler it looks, and it was (at the time) totally in style. So I made the one and only fashion decision of my life. I bought denim.

And I kept buying it.  For the past 44 or so years, every time I have shopped, I seem to have come home with more denim.

I have jeans, denim shorts, denim shirts.  I have two….um, three denim jackets, a denim vest.  I have a denim sun hat. I even have a beautiful embroidered denim blouse with silk panels.

I like denim.  Have I made that clear?

So you can imagine my delight when I saw an article in the Boston Sunday Globe entitled, “That 70’s Skirt”.  It had a bunch of photos of denim skirts.  One of them looked, I am not kidding, exactly like my long jeans skirt, pictured above.  It was labelled as “Cool” and it came with a price tag of $245 dollars!!!!!


I am, like, a total fashionista!   I knew it all along!!!

I now know two things.

#1.  If you wait long enough, all your old clothes come back into fashion. So every 45 years, I’ll be totally in style.  The next time around, I’ll be the coolest, most fashionable 110 year old woman in the country.

#2. I could clean out my closets and make enough money to pay off my mortgage and car loans all at once.

I do so love denim!

9 thoughts on “I. Am. So. Stylin.

  1. Keep in mind, as well that our silver hair is in style, too!!! I have people ask how I got my hair black and silver and I tell them “Years of practice”. And I LOVE denim. And I am way too old to wear those ripped jeans, but I do not care! They are fun and I wear them anyway!!


    • Good point on the hair! I saw on some TV spot that women are spending hundreds to get their hair “silver”. Crazy!
      Of course, I wear ripped jeans because I”m too cheap to buy new ones!!!!


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