How trite….

So I worry that my posts are incredibly trite.  I mean, now that I seem to be pretty much over the sadness of the empty nest, and I’m finding ways to fill my new retirement days, I suspect that anything else I post for a while might be coated in a sweet, spun sugar wrapping.

I seem to have become completely bipolar.

I am either steeped in the sadness of having no purpose, or I am floating on a fluffy pink cloud of baby love.

Oh brother.

But, really, I don’t think you can blame me. I don’t!  There have been weeks this summer when nobody on earth really needed me to even get out of my bed.  There have been long, sad days where the only living being who greeted me with joy were the four legged kind.   I do love my doggies, but it just wasn’t the same.

But today was one of those sweet, candy coated days where I said “I love you” to all three of my kids.  A day where I got to have lunch with one child and dinner with two. Plus friends for both meals! AND our baby Ellie at lunch and at dinner.

I love having a houseful of people to feed.  Call me crazy, but I love it, love it, love it! I makes me happy to have people at my table, eating the dinner, sipping the wine, laughing and talking and waiting for the yummy home made dessert. I love the conversations and the jokes, even the ones I don’t understand.

Then add in the fact that at tonight’s dinner I got to see my completely independent, totally non-conformist boy cuddling my first born grandchild in his big strong hands…..well.  What can a middle aged woman say at a moment like this one?

Ellie and her Uncle Matt.

Ellie and her Uncle Matt.

My boy and the little girl of my little girl.

Of course my heart melted into a puddle and ran right out my nose……….

I know. It’s completely trite and totally predictable.  How boring. Ho-hum.


Because this was a WONDERFUL day with my loving and gentle children and the apple of all of our eyes.   We do love each other, and we sure as heck do love that little Ellie bean.

I won’t make any excuses.  Sorry for the treacle.

This is a pretty good life.

12 thoughts on “How trite….

      • It is a wonderful picture that conveys just what you say it does. You had me with the picture, so I was perfectly willing to believe the words. The thing that is effective about your writing is that you are speaking from the heart and not caring what other people think. I know I read stories from two new grandmothers at the same time that were so tender and effective. I wanted to tell you to read each other’s posts and then I couldn’t find one of them again..Were you camping when your grandbaby was born? Trying to figure out which you were.


  1. I have photos of all four of my youngsters holding little girl grandbabies from ages 1 month to 3 years this summer. The ones of the new father holding his 1 and 3 year old nieces while the three year old held her new cousin are absolutely priceless. I totally relate to your feelings.


    • Oh, those photos sound just lovely!
      I am really speechless at how intense my emotions are! I didn’t realize that having a grandchild would just expand my “momma” days! Silly me……


      • My eyes start leaking when I think about them. My son announced the future arrival of our third granddaughter (his first) with an ultrasound enclosed in a Christmas card last Christmas. When I opened it, I burst into tears. It wasn’t pretty!

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  2. Oh how I relate to this! and I don’t even have dogs. Some days…
    But then I drop something in passing about ‘after I’m gone’ and my children cover their ears and go la-la-la…..
    So don’t ever think what you’re saying is trite. When all’s said and done, the chain of genes, standards, love and wisdom from one generation to the next is really, I think, what we’re here for.

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