I have a theory


Here’s my highly informed, incredibly insightful theory about what is motivating the irascible bloviator who leads the polls for the Republican party.  You ready?

The Donald has NO desire to become President of the United States.  None. I’m not kidding.

Have you seen the President’s salary? A measly $400,000 a year.  Donald probably spends more than that on hair care products!

If he were to become President, Trump would have to get up early every day and actually work.  He would have to be on call 24/7, and would be expected to take phone calls in the middle of the night.

Not only that, if he became President, Trump would be put into the difficult position of having to compromise with other leaders in order to keep the country running.  All evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, this is not a stupid man. He knows that Presidential power is limited.  He knows that if he had the job he wouldn’t be able to just bully his way through the four years putting up walls and bombing the shit out of people.

He knows full well that it just doesn’t work that way.

So why is he marching around on the campaign trail you ask?

For the free publicity, that’s why.  The man is a fame whore.  He had a book coming out, he wanted to boost sales, he wanted to see his face on the news.  He did not intend to actually become President! He knows its a totally thankless job!

What is my evidence for this theory, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.  When this “campaign” began, Trump sounded like himself.  Bombastic, egocentric, arrogant. Yucky but not completely insane.

However, with each successive week, his comments have become more and more offensive.  It began with his snarky statements about John McCain, remember?  “He got captured; I prefer people who don’t get captured.”  All the pundits had a nutty, and predicted that this was the “end” for Trump.

But his poll numbers rose.

Next he turned his giant mouth on Mexican immigrants.  It wasn’t enough to be merely snarky now; he had to go for fully offensive. All those immigrants, rapists and drug lords being sent up here by the Mexican government.  Awful! People were outraged, and some protested.

Everyone predicted the end of his campaign again….and again the numbers went up.

No matter how ugly, rude, offensive, dishonest, cruel or despicable his behavior has been, his poll numbers have gone up. What that says about our countrymen is a question that is beyond my feeble efforts at understanding.

But I truly believe, and sincerely hope, that it is driving Trump himself crazy.  I can just imagine him, after promising to “bomb the shit out of” ISIS. I can see him checking the polls, and telling his wife, “This should do it. We outta be able to go on vacation by next week.”  Then I can see the blood rushing to his head as he sees that he has gained even more ground.

“What the hell do I have to do to get these people to see that I can’t be President?  Jesus! I’ve insulted McCain, called immigrants a bunch of rapists, made fun of women’s faces, talked about a woman having her period on national TV! I’ve threatened war! I stood up and challenged a guy to stab me in the gut!  They think that’s the behavior of a world leader? Give me a break!”

“I’ve talked about building a giant wall across the continent without one word about who’d pay for it!  My God, what do I have to do? I said it was OK to beat up black protestors! I even made fun of a guy with a physical disability!  And STILL, they wanna vote for me? What the hell is wrong with these people?”

I can just imagine him, wagging a finger at his advisors.  “This was never supposed to go this far, believe me! This was supposed to be free publicity for a couple of months, that’s it! Now do something! Get me out of this mess! I need to get to one of my private islands to recharge as soon as possible.  What do I need to do to get these idiots to stop supporting me?”

I can imagine it. They’d all look at each other, helpless.  Then maybe one of them would cautiously clear his throat, fidget for a moment, and say slowly.  “Maybe if you pull out a gun at the next debate………..”




53 thoughts on “I have a theory

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  2. “For the free publicity, that’s why.”

    This is just a Duh. He’s more transparent than a single Mom in a low cut blouse at the Piggly Wiggly on a Friday night. The fact that you see through T. Rump’s shenanigans just means your brain is working. The fact that so many don’t makes me worried about living in this country.


  3. Mom, this really is wonderful and I’d like to reblog but don’t see a place to. In addition, I got to blogging late today and just posted two posts and a third seems excessive, so I’ll try again tomorrow…At the very least I’ll post an URL. If you do allow reblogging, where in the world is the button?

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      • Mom, I don’t know if you got this so sending again. When I try to check it says it is “forbidden” perhaps becuase you haven’t accepted it yet. At any rate, again, On your dashboard, Go onto “Settings” then “Sharing” and at bottom click on “Show the Reblog button on posts.” Then I can reblog your wonderful essay. You really should submit it to a newspaper. It’s as good as any humorous response to the Trump enigma that I’ve seen. As a matter of fact, I’d like to submit it (under your name, of course) for you to either of the largest English Language newspapers in Mexico–either the Guadalajara Reporter or the Ojo del Lago. Mexicans and expats alike would love an anti-Trump piece!


      • Let me try to undo it and do it again. Sorry, I am not the most tech adept writer……I would be so delighted if you’d submit my essay! And I’ll take your advice and try to send it to some around here as well! Thanks!


      • Okay I have sent a query to one of the editors at the Guadalajara Reporter who is a good friend, along with the URL to your blog. If they aren’t interested, I’ll send it to the Ojo del Lago. A very good magazine you can read online. I have pieces in it several times a year.


  4. Garry and I agree with you. Garry thinks he’s just having fun, Trump style. I think he has a few things he wants to say — and he likes being a spoiler. One way or the other, I don’t think he is actually running for anything except gadfly and national clown. However, that does NOT mean that there aren’t plenty of stupid people willing to vote for him. A thought to ponder.


  5. So you don’t like Trump. At least he wants to “make America great again.” I wonder …. Just who should run the country?…. The liar, cheater, complicite
    in the death of an American Ambassador? Or perhaps the Socialist option? Both determined to run the USA into bankruptcy by giving away the country to able bodied Americans who refuse to work because welfare is just so much easier and it pays better than the minimum wage jobs they are qualified to fill …. plus they really don’t want to miss their favorite soap operas each afternoon.

    For me ….. Trump is not nearly as frightening as some of the others running against him. He at least loves America. What a refreshing view point after the last 7 years. Just a thought….


    • OH, my god. Are you serious? He “loves America”? Which America? The white, Christian one? I would vote for literally every other candidate before him. He is a boorish, loudmouthed bully. I strongly suggest that you look closely before you vote. YOU scare me as much as he does.

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      • Oh my …. you side stepped the question put forth in favor of continuing your Trump harangue plus turning on me . Interesting. … it feels a bit like bullying.

        Mom — Do all readers who put forth an opposing viewpoint become targets? Do you wish to receive only fawning adoration in your comment section? I realize that’s what most your following does, but really — that seems a bit self serving. I thought you could take a poke. Guess not.

        Further, did you realize that your response was exactly like a Trump response? He attacks anyone who disagrees with him. He attacks the person rather than their position. And often ignores addressing the issue raised altogether.

        Also, if I may point out … in your opening OMG ….God is generally capitalized.

        Just a thought ….. or two ….


      • Well, thank you for the editing; I will certainly remember to capitalize my next OMG.
        I have no desire to be fawned upon, I can assure you. However, I find it absolutely terrifying when someone seems to support Donald Trump in spite of his lies and his racism, sexism, self aggrandizement and complete incivility.
        Perhaps your comment was not as clear as you may have thought: what was your question? I saw only your support of the Donald because he “loves America” which is a statement that I find horrifying.
        To compare me, in my own blog, to Trump, who is running for President, is a little bit glib in my mind.
        Please, please present me with some fact as to why you would actually vote for this man.


      • my two cents… the Trump fans have no idea what they are “in favor of…” good grief, this man is really the worst nightmare when it comes to the presidency. But the biggest problem is that it appears that many many Republicans LIKE Trump…aren’t they thinking? Do they know ANY history at all? Where were they when World War II atrocities were happening?

        sorry… I digress. What I REALLY need to know is where in the heck is that REBLOG button? I don’t see it either, and I actually searched back in my email to find this original post and Judy’s.


      • Oh, thank you for the support! And I don’t know what to say about the darn reblog button. I suspect a vast right wing conspiracy, but it could be just that Word Press has been a bit glitchy this week. It keeps appearing and disappearing! Please feel free to simply insert the link, if you’d like to!

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      • I don’t know anybody here, but I think that the reply is not bullying at all. I personally resent your comments — attacking candidates that actually DO have promise to keep us from going into that pit of enequity. I thought for a brief time also that Trump would be “not a bad” candidate….not that I would vote for him anyway…but if he is even half-way serious about the atrocious things he says, he will lead us down the slippery slope into disaster.


  6. I’m wondering whether he knows that he will get more attention the more outrageous he becomes, or is he simply losing any inhibition and perhaps beginning to lose his faculties? Why don’t we make these old men pass a psychological test to ensure they are sound of mind before we allow them to stand for election?

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  7. Mom, the editor of the Guadalajara Reporter says your piece is very well written and that they could use some humor–to send it to them!!! I’ll send you the email address and you can send it as an attachment! Exciting.


  8. Karen, I saw one of the columnists from The Guadalajara Reporter and asked if your article about Trump was published. It was, unfortunately while I was gone. I’m going to try to find a copy for you. Happy New Year!!! Judy


  9. I’ve found the copy. A friend is bringing it over on Sunday and I’ll get it mailed to you before I leave for the beach. Now. I have another proposition. I’ll post it as a comment on your Jan 5 posting.


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