Dear Young Mommy Me

baby tim-1Dear Young MomShieb,

You. Are.  Amazing.


I didn’t appreciate your incredible feats of fabulousness while we were actually doing them, but I sure as hell appreciate them now.

I sure do.  As I sit here on my sofa with an ice pack on my back and exhaustion overwhelming me, I look back on our accomplishments as a young mother of three with nothing short of heart-stopping-awe.

How the hell did you do it, young me?   I mean, holy crow, did you have superpowers or what?

Let me explain the reason for my sudden deep appreciation of your Wonder Womanliness.

Today I took my baby granddaughter out for a couple of errands.

First I gave her a bottle and held her through a two hour nap. (OK, fine. You caught me. We both napped.)  Then I picked her up and put her in her swing so that I could get a few little things done around the house.  Within ten seconds, I heard the sound of a rapid fire machine gun and looked toward the baby to see her grinning from ear to ear.  Uh, Oh.   I picked her up and realized that she had pooped herself right up to her armpits for the second time today.

I carefully scooped her up, singing to her the whole time, and headed for the bathtub.  Jeez, Young Me! Was it always this complicated to wash a baby?  I think “yes”.  It was.  But  we did it back then, by God!  We sure did! Not so easy now, though! By the time I laid down a towel, filled the tub, set out clean clothes and clean diapers, squirted in the bath soap, washed her up, played with her, took her out to dry, put on the clean diaper, put on the clean clothes, drained the tub, hung up the towel, threw out the old diaper, put the poopie clothes in the hamper and got us both back into the recliner, I was exhausted!

And then came the doctor visit (for me), which meant putting on a jacket, filling up the diaper bag, grabbing an ice pack to keep the milk cold, stuffing the stroller in the trunk, buckling Elie into the car seat,  making sure she had her dolly to chomp on, driving to the doctor’s, taking the stroller out of the trunk, putting the diaper bag under the seat, unstrapping Ellie, hugging her and putting her into the stroller, strapping her in, handing her baby back to her, grabbing the diaper bag and my purse and walking us into the office………


I managed to pull it off. I did the doctor’s visit, helped enormously by the extreme cuteness of the baby I had brought along with me.  Everyone in the office oohed, and cooed and smiled at her.  She was her usual charming and delightful self.  I was so puffed up with pride at her beauty and sweetness that I hardly heard a word my doctor said.  I guess all is well, because I don’t remember hearing that my days are numbered.

Anyway, we did the visit, and we even managed to stop by the library for a bit.  And I got us both back home in one piece.

But as I look back on what felt like a monumental feat today, all I can do is marvel at you, Young MomShieb!  I look back on those days when you worked a full day at school, picked up your baby boys from daycare and your little girl from the neighbor’s and got back home to serve everyone a home cooked dinner.

I never appreciated you, Young Me. I never stepped back long enough to look at you and think, “You go, girl! You are a marvel!”  I was aware back then that we were taking three little kids to the grocery store, and to the park, and to the school Open Houses.  I just never took the time to realize what it took to pull all that off.

So, Young MomShieb, I am here now to tell you that you are my hero!  I don’t know how you did it.  I can’t believe you didn’t crack up and turn into a nut cake back in those crazy baby days.  But you didn’t.

My hat’s off to you.

And dear Young Mommies all over the place out there: My one wish for you is that you take a minute or two to step back from all that you are doing, and tell yourself, “Honey, you totally rock!”  Without you ladies, civilization as we know it would come crashing to the ground.

Love,  A happy, grateful, tired old Nonni

8 thoughts on “Dear Young Mommy Me

  1. The world may not give us the credit we deserve, but we definitely need to give it to ourselves. Being a mom (or Nonni) is extremely rewarding and fun, but it’s also — hour-by-hour, day-by-day — extremely hard and exhausting.


      • Oh, come on, you know what I mean, though! Just taking a baby out the door to the grocery store is more of a heroic effort than I realized when I did it the first time! ALL parents are amazing, if you ask me. I just we we all knew it while we were doing it, instead of always questioning ourselves…..


  2. I feel the same way and I didn’t even have kids…except for stepkids on vacations–only one of whom actually lived with us for two years and another for half a year. But still, I can’t believe I did everything I did. Sure, an energy thing, but also a time thing! How did I find time to do all my own gardening, housework, cooking, work in two studios to make our art and travel to do shows(278 days one year) . Our booth took 11 hours to set up and 4 hours to tear down. We’d stand on our feet all day dealing with thousands of customers, then after a few days load it all up and go on to a new show or home to put in 15 hour days in the studio. How did I find time to do it? I guess because I wasn’t blogging! ;o)

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  3. Isn’t it the truth. I zoomed through my days with two kids 20 months apart in age, existing on 4 hours of sleep, and 5 cups of coffee. I cooked, I cleaned, I played endless games, I drove here, there, and everywhere, and I never missed a performance of a kid even when they were on the same day and same time in different locations (don’t ask). Now a days, my grandson comes for 48 hours and it takes me two weeks to recoup. Hats off to all of ourselves in our motherhood days. We rocked!


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