This Man is REALLY Scary

He was born into great wealth and the power that goes along with it.  He grew up privileged and pampered.  He had access to the best schools, so one can assume that he is reasonably well educated.

He claims that he is highly intelligent, courageous, morally upright and scrupulously honest. We have to take him at his word on all of this, but he assures us that its true, and his supporters and inside circle agree with him.

This man seeks even more power than he already has.  He wants to be the leader of the strongest country on earth, and he wants to dictate how other countries will respond to him.

He is known to bend the truth into such convoluted knots that it is almost entirely unrecognizable. He claims to have witnessed events that clearly never happened.

Perhaps because of his wealth and the power that comes with it, he believes that he has the right to imprison people, to prevent them form crossing borders, even to kill them.

He loves weapons, and has shown his commitment to bombing his perceived enemies into oblivion.  He works hard to keep the people in his country afraid and angry at anyone who isn’t exactly like them.

He is not a particularly attractive man, by any standards, and yet he is consistently involved with gorgeous women.  Further proof to him, perhaps, that he is a man of power.

He is dangerous to the people in his country, and to the world at large. He is an over inflated, self-serving bully who must be contained.

Can you tell which of these two I am describing?



17 thoughts on “This Man is REALLY Scary

    • Truth to tell, it is both. It was the similarities that struck me when I thought about this. We really do have to speak out loudly against the Donald; he is NOT better than Kim.


    • Isn’t it incredibly striking how similar they are….? I absolutely feel a moral obligation to call out Mr. Trump right now. We just can’t let him succeed. Thanks for commenting!


      • I don’t know. I don’t think that either of them called for banning an entire religious group, or referred to women as pigs, or insisted that a foreign country would pay for a wall to keep its citizens out of her. Certainly neither one ever promised to “bomb the shit out of them”.
        I didn’t like either of them, and I have never voted R, but I truly believe that Trump is in a different and far, far more dangerous category. People have been beaten unconscious by those claiming to be following his suggestions.

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  1. Loved reading your strong voice concerning this dramatic time in American politics where even Canadians are afraid of the possible outcome of Donald Trump being elected as your president. My daughter expressed her concern the other day that if he was elected, we are doomed to a WW3 being triggered by his extreme views. I’m Canadian and pray that U.S. citizens make the “right” choice on voting day.


    • Thank you, Olga! I am praying the very same thing. It is indeed a very scary time here; not only am I afraid of Trump’s ideas, but I am appalled and truly frightened by the numbers of my countrymen who are flocking to him. I have no explanation for that!
      We will do our best to keep him out of office, I promise!

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