All is Not Lost


“Whoah, Nonni, you ROCK!”

I am about to turn 60 years old.

This is very old.  There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 60 years in a life that started way back in the olden days.

As a (gulp) 60 year old, I am used to forgetting things.  For example, tonight my husband and I were reminiscing about our college days. “Remember the time we were driving Lisa D. home from school?”, he began.  “Wait”, I had to interrupt. “She went to school with us?”

This is not uncommon for Paul and I.  I often get frustrated when he doesn’t remember that I told him about the party on Saturday.  He often gets frustrated when I tell him for the fourth time about the party on Saturday.   We are forgetful.

We sometimes joke with friends in our age group. “Aren’t we funny?”, we quip, “Trying to talk about a movie that we liked?”  We laugh because this is how we sound when we try to recommend a movie to those friends. “Yeah, its great! It stars that guy, what’s his name? He was in the TV show….you know the one with that woman….what’s her name? The woman who looks the one who used to be in the other show….about the, um…was it a mechanic?”  This can go on for hours before anyone in the room is able to make an actual connection and figure out the name of the movie in question.

If anyone even remembers that we were recommending movies.

So sometimes I feel like a daft old broad whose brain is made of swiss cheese.

BUT!  All is NOT yet lost!

Today I was sitting with my baby granddaughter Ellie, playing with her toys, stacking cups and reading board books. It seemed like a good time to find some music for her. So I opened up my computer and found Pandora.  I clicked on “Create a Station” and entered, “Sesame St. songs.”

Oh. My. God.

My youngest child is almost 24 years old. I haven’t watched Sesame St. for a wicked long time!

But that didn’t matter.

I am happy to report that this 60 year old grandmother was able to sing every single word of “Rubber Ducky”, “Let’s Go Driving in an Automobile” and “The Sesame St. Theme Song” without missing a beat.

Oh, yeah.

I may be chubby and gray and I may have been born before the word “hippie” was coined, but I still got it, baby!

Ellie was highly amused as I danced her around the living room today, crooning, “Rubber Ducky, joy of joys, when I squeeze you, you make noise!”

She thinks I’m awesome.


16 thoughts on “All is Not Lost

  1. This reminded me of a song…I had to call Hubby to find out the name, and after a few arguments as to what it was called and who was right, we finally found it — from Gigi “I Remember It Well.” – Of course I have no idea if posting this link will work, as I can’t remember how to do this and Grace isn’t in the mood to help me, so if not I’m sorry, but know you’re not alone.


  2. My children were raised with Sesame Street. I think they are better people for the learning experiences it provided. I do the charades also with my daughter of 25, but she’s really good at guessing with my hints. Ha ha! Don’t worry about turning 60, I’m 62, as long as you have dreams your fulfilling.


  3. I loved this post! I’m 58, my 26 year old son has identical twin 9 month old boys and I happy to announce that I’m not sure what I had for breakfast, but the other day I turned on the PBS show and 20 years later, I didn’t miss a word of the theme song!!


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