Fading Away


I haven’t written here for quite a while.

I haven’t even updated “The Nonni Chronicles”, my record of my granddaughter’s latest accomplishments.

Why, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Because I have realized that I need to try my level best to figure out a way to make some money off all of these words.  I mean, I retired last June, and my income fell by more than 50%.  But my expenses didn’t.

Now, I need to tell all of you that I do charge my daughter for the daycare that I give to our Ellie. (gasp! looks of horror! head shakes! pursed lips!)

Yes.  Yes, indeed.  I do feel awful about this.  I feel horrible. I hate it, hate it, hate it. Having that baby girl every day is pure joy.  I am NOT exaggerating.  If I didn’t have her here every single day, grinning at me with her two tiny teeth, resting her head on my shoulder to sleep, eating breakfast and lunch with me……I think I would surely be in therapy for at least one mental disorder.

Having her here is such a treat!

But, alas, I digress.  I have to find a way to pay the damn bills.

So I have applied for literally EVERY online tutoring job there is.  Nothing. No response. Nuttin’.

And I have applied for every blogging job out there, too.

Nope. No go.

So. Sigh.

I am working on a book.

STOP that laughing!

I already wrote one novel. But its about a middle aged woman who realizes that she should retire from teaching and……yeah.  Boring.

So, I am now writing a more upbeat, hopefully funny women’s story.  With some sex.  And a fast pace.


All I can say is this: Sorry, sorry, sorry to the few folks who really follow this blog! I am letting you down. I know it!

It’s just that after diaper changes, bottles, naps, walks, essays, blogs, laundry and tutoring, I am not sure that I have much left to report.

Oh, but there is this!  Whenever I try to talk to a friend, sweet Miss Ellie opens those big brown eyes and starts to yell (and, yes, I mean  YELL) “RAH. RAHRAHRAHRAHRAH!”

Good Lord, I do so love that child.



22 thoughts on “Fading Away

  1. As much as we enjoy reading about and commenting on your life, most of us are fellow bloggers who understand that this type of blog is done for many reasons, but mainly as a way to stay in contact with and get feedback from other people.

    The moment it stops being enjoyable to either you or us, it will and should die a natural death…


  2. A book? Now you’re talking! You’ve got more guts than I do. Any luck with ideas from my writer friend Jeanne? Just curious if you connected. Have fun with the book. I know a couple of people in publishing when you have a couple of chapters done and are ready to send our sample chapters.
    Good luck!


  3. I hope you got some thoughtful criticism on your first attempt. Don’t declare it dead. Just shelve it for the time being. Maybe she will turn into a Jessica Fletcher! A little sex is good, though. 🙂


  4. I do not frown at you getting paid….I applaud you! As much as I love my grandson and am happy to share a big part of his accomplishments, to it for gratis did not pay bills – in fact put stress on an already tight budget. Thankfully I share the duties with the other grandmother and was able to find a part-time paying job. Reality: Woman does not live on love alone, no matter how cuddly and sweet.


  5. I so admire your determination with everything. Writing a book is such an undertaking, especially with the demands of watching your wonderful granddaughter. I definitely enjoy reading your blog, but I am sure reading your book will be even better — I can’t wait. Keep us posted on the progress.


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