This Is Just Unfair

I mean, seriously.


How am I supposed to get anything done when I spend all day with this person:



I’m supposed to put her down and give her toys, then go do the freakin’ laundry?  I don’t think so.

This child is 8 months old.  By rights, she should basically still just be a little blob of babiness.   But, no.

She is a full on DIVA.

What am I supposed to do?

Every time I tell her, “Play by yourself for a bit. I’ll be right back,” she makes a face like this one:


Where are you GOING?

How can I walk away?

This is completely unfair.

I mean,  yes, sure. I agreed to watch the baby this year.  I did NOT agree to sit in a love soaked stupor 4o hours a week, looking like an idiot.

I did NOT agree to melt into a puddle every time this child smiled at me.  I didn’t think I would be giving up the basics, like going to the bathroom, or reading the news, or doing the dishes.

This is just NOT fair.

Look at that face.


Wait, watch this!!!!

You know you wouldn’t be able to walk away either.  Admit it.

So. Not. Fair.


8 thoughts on “This Is Just Unfair

  1. Back in the days when playpens were still kosher, I used to plant the baby in the pen on occasion, so I could head to the basement and put a load in the washer or load the dishwasher without “help.” The kids all did just fine as long as I stayed out of their sight. I used to try to sneak by on my way to more housework on the second floor. I usually got caught. I almost long for those days because everyone knew that anything left in baby range was fair game. My husband knew that his piles were not sacrosanct. Ah,…those were the days. You know, of course, that if your boys get married and have kids, they will expect the same service. 🙂


    • Oh, my dear, I try the playpen! Even when Ellie is happy and fine without me, I can’t tear myself away! I am under her magical spell, lucky me! Oh, and I hope so much that my boys have babies and expect me to care for them! My fondest wish, for sure!


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