Bernie Sanders Made Me Young

Oh, I know. The 2016 election is a giant cesspool of horror.  I get it.  I have followed (with a great deal of nausea) the “tiny hands” comments, the “my wife is hotter than yours” mess and even the “beat the crap out of ’em” moments.

But still. I am having a good time with this election cycle.

I am!

In the first place, after having had to hide my lefty tendencies for so many years, I am finding it incredibly liberating to finally have a candidate who is saying “You aren’t as lefty as I am!” The “who’s more progressive” fight is so. much. fun.

And I am having a great time watching the party of Lincoln devolve into a pack of badly behaved five year old brats. I am thoroughly enjoying the nasty stupidity of that side.

But you know what’s the best part of the whole thing?

Its the never ending chorus from the media: “Bernie supporters are all millennials!” and “Oh, those innocent young people being fooled by Bernie!”

I have heard this story on NPR, on CNN, on ABC, on NBC and on CBS. I have read it and seen it over and over again.  All those Facebook memes about “20 somethings who want free stuff.”

I LOVE it.

Because its so incredibly wrong.

I am 60 years old. I recently went to a Bernie Brainstorming meeting, and 2 out of 25 people were under 35.  Most of us were gray haired and mature. We were not looking for “free stuff”.

So I am loving the misconception.  Yes, I want to say to people I meet, I am very young! I am feeling the Bern!

I sort of wondered about which celebrities are backing Bernie. You know, were they all under 25?

Let’s see:

  1. Susan Sarandon: 69 years old. (I know. She looks fabulous)
  2. Spike Lee: 59 years old.
  3. Tulsi Gabbard: 34 years old.  A youngster, but a veteran. She’s a grownup.
  4. Joan Baez: 75 years old
  5. Mark Ruffalo: 48 years old
  6. Robert Reich: 69 years old

So guess what, mass media?

Even though I am thoroughly enjoying the label of “youngster”, you are completely missing the point on who supports Bernie. I hope you keep missing the point all the way to the Inauguration.

6 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Made Me Young

  1. Bernie’s been fighting for these American ideals since he was a young man, too. I know that many of us female baby boomers, esp, (I’m 57) have dreamed of a woman president, and I’ll vote for Clinton if it comes down to it. But I hope other boomers–most older than we are–are supporting Bernie. Hopefully, they haven’t forgotten what we fought for in the 60s and 70s. European countries–England, France, Germany, etc.– have supported their working class citizens for many decades. People there are happier overall because they’re treated as if they matter– affordable medicine, paid parental leave and longer vacation, etc. We pay exorbitant taxes in the U.S. already; why is it so difficult for some folks to understand that their tax dollars could be reallocated for social programs that are so necessary?!

    OK, I’m stepping down from my soapbox now. Your post is awesome, young lady!! Go, Bernie!


    • Well thank you, young ‘un! I know exactly what you mean!!!! We recently had guests from Germany, and we were talking about “sick time”. They had no idea what we meant and even asked, very politely, “But why would your work want you to be there if you are sick?” They can’t believe our maternity leave situation either. “Barbaric” was the word that they used, I believe. I think what I love most about this year is that so many of us don’t care about the “party”. We care about the country. The more I read and hear about HRC, the less likely I am to vote for her.


  2. Yes, I know what you mean about HRC, but I think if she’s our only candidate against any one of the GOP candidates, my vote will be based on fear. 😦 I’ve heard that some Sanders supporters will write in his name rather than vote for HRC; if this could be widely organized, I’d do the same. In the end, though, will he be able to get past the stonewalling Republicans in D.C. any better than Obama’s been able to? Idk, but your posts keep me hopeful. Thanks!

    And did you know that Americans who work abroad in Germany are entitled to the same benefits as the German workers? I’ve often thought that finding a job there would be the way to go. Teachers are among the most respected professionals there, too.

    Have a great weekend!


    • Kat, I actually have a friend who has been teaching English in Germany for 20 years. He keeps telling me, If Trump gets elected, come on over!!!!! As long as my kids and baby Ellie would come, too……

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  3. What I most appreciate here is your statement that you don’t have to hide your lefty tendencies. Just think, not so long ago in our very WASP-leaning history, Sanders would’ve been called out and publicly vilified as a Red, a Pinko and undoubtedly a Commie (never-mind a JEW!).


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