The Oxfam Report

I don’t understand why this information isn’t all over the media.

Actually, that’s not true. I totally understand why it isn’t all over the media.

And that understanding is part of why I am so enraged about the content of the report.

If you want to understand just how badly the entire world is being screwed over by the big corporations, read this report.

If you want to try to defend the kind of corporate driven capitalism that we are living under, read it.  If you want to explain to me why the conservatives are right on economics, please read this report. Then talk to me and tell me how this is fair.

I am linking to a short article that was first published on the website “Liberalamerica“, but after you read that, click on the link to the report. Read it carefully, but have your blood pressure medicine close by.


This is one of the places where your tax dollars live. Sweet, huh?

You Won’t Believe How Much Money Big Corps Are Hiding Offshore

The Oxfam Report

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